August 16, 2019

The Color Connection : 08.16.19

Your weekly roundup of my favorite colorful finds from around the internet... Enjoy!

Weekend Links

Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record… How has another week come and gone?

As the mom to a two year old, I don’t yet have to think about back-to-school. But wow – I’m astonished at how soon school seems to have returned and summer has ended for all practical purposes.

It’s been a great week with way  too much  behind-the-scenes work to recap here. But suffice it so say that many good things are in the works – both in terms of colorful content creation here and other new and different ideas.

Until Monday (yes, I did say Monday!) when a new blog post will be live, scroll on, read on, and savor the end of summer.

images from our Houston margarita guide

Weekend Reading

3 barriers to experiencing joy

7 ideas for saving money

15 inspiring journaling prompts

A financial bucket list? Novel idea!

Her “At Any Age” features are always so good, but this one is especially apropos as we head into fall

How gorgeous is Jenn’s family room?! SWOON.

An introduction to a lovely brand

Secret bars in Austin? I’m intrigued!

What does your enneagram say about your creativity?

Weekend Shopping

CMO = Chief Mama Officer

An exercise dress? Sign me up!

Florals, but make it fall; similar on sale

If I was pregnant, I’d totally be shopping this collaborative collection.

Packed Party’s newest arrivals are on fire! My favorites are this tumbler and this pouch.

A rainbow of guest soaps for $26

Still lusting over this cardigan

The sweetest wooden cake toy – less than $20

Y’all always ask me about these pink sunnies; still a splurge, but  on sale now!

Have a great weekend!

More color, please!


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