June 21, 2019

The Color Connection : 06.22.19

Consider this your weekend reading assignment!

Weekend Reading

Well, here we are again… another week has passed, and this is the only blog post I got up. I had good intentions of getting back into it this week, but it just didn’t happen. Life continues to happen. Lots of good stuff going on — we recently celebrated Elle’s birthday (and keep celebrating!), I’m taking on new ventures business-wise, and we are just having a ball together this summer. And lots of hard stuff happening — still dealing with the flooded house situation, trying to navigate this single mother gig with all of it’s complications and such, etc, etc.

But thanks for sticking around here. I do, at a minimum, enjoy sharing links I love each week! So, thanks for allowing me to do that. And I hope you enjoy!

Moreover, I hope your summer is off to a great start! Make it an adventure. And tell me all about it! Much love to you all. Now, keep scrolling for some fun reading and shopping…

Weekend Reading

4 stretches to relieve fascia tightness

Don’t show up to a summer soirée without one of these hostess gifts

Everything to download before your next flight

Fascinating read on the subject of  “premium mediocre” fashion

How Outdoor Voices‘ Ty Haney starts her days — plus a glimpse at her charming bungalow

How to make perfect scrambled eggs

If you worry a lot, please read this

I’m blown away that Emily takes all her travel photos herself!

Lessons on loving, living, and learning

Not a sexy subject, but pertinent in the summer time…

Very comprehensive guide on online wallpaper sources

You guys – this influencer engagement story is insane! They’ve been outed — here’s the pitch deck they sent to brands in advance.

Kudos to Taylor Lorenz on covering this story and all things related to technology, particularly in the realm of influencers. Some other gems of hers worth reading:

The Instagram Aesthetic is Over

Instagram’s Wannabe Stars are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Rising Instagram Stars are Posting Fake Sponsored Content

Wow. That’s all I can muster for this story of choosing gratitude over grief. And after you read that, you need to watch her late husband’s TED Talk.

Weekend Shopping

Can’t stop wearing this top – and I get compliments every time!

Currently reading… I got an advanced copy of Lindsey Teague Moreno’s latest book – and it is going to blow you away! So funny, so relevant, so practical.

How elegant are these large champagne buckets? And the personalized calligraphy option makes it even more amazing!

Isn’t this a beautiful summer bag?

Obsessed with this reasonably priced chandelier. Also obsessed with this not-so-reasonably priced headband. Ha.

Rainbow mixing bowls for the win!

Such a fun casual option for July 4th! Or, if you’d prefer to wear your red white and blue in luxury at a discount

The perfect summer cardigan

This caftan is gorgeous. And it comes in five colors!

Yes girl you can

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