August 06, 2018

August Letter from the Editor

Carrie's monthly letter.

Letter from the Editor

Hello, August!

Self Check-in

Let’s do a self check-in. How are you feeling as we enter a new month? Are you feeling refreshed from summer or exhausted by it? Are you excited for what’s to come or dreading it? Do you feel timid or bold?

As for me, I’m excited to say that I’m excited for what’s to come! Is that enough excited for you in one sentence? I’m ready to live boldly and authentically. I’m ready to live an empowered life. I’m ready to take creative risks and try new ideas.

And I don’t say any of that lightly. Truth be told, it’s been a tough season for me personally. Circumstances have led me to feel overwhelmed and in a slump.

But I feel the cloud lifting.

I am emerging energized and inspired. And I credit this reinvigoration to a few things.

First, we recently had a team retreat – a day of brainstorming. So much creativity and so many ideas flowing around! I love my team so much. It was great to gather the whole group together to strategize and plan.

Second, I took some time for self-care. I went away on a trip by myself. Nothing about this trip was geared around capturing photos or generating future blog content. This trip was solely for my soul. A chance to rest, refresh, and restore. And it was wonderful!

Third, while away, I took the chance to read. I’m slightly embarrassed to say how few books I’ve read this year. The busyness of life with a one year old, the stress of running a business, and more had impeded my inclination to simply pick up a book!

My favorite read during my trip was Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. It’s all about living creatively beyond fear. Two of my friends (Ali and Jordan) had strongly recommended it to me, and I’m so glad they did!

With all those factors combined, I’m really looking forward to what’s to come this month and beyond – both personally and professionally.

Create & Cultivate Houston Style Summit

Speaking of inspiration, there was plenty of inspiration floating around at the recent Create & Cultivate style summit in Houston! In case you’re not familiar, Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women looking to create and cultivate the career of their dreams. Their mission aligns so well with ours, so it was an honor and pleasure to speak on a couple panels at the recent Houston summit. You can read more about the event here, here, and here.

It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you! For those who weren’t at the conference, here are a few key takeaways from my talk:

1 – Know your numberssound familiar?

2 – Know your worth : seek out brand partners who recognize your value and compensate you accordingly.

3 – Learn to negotiate : be creative in your negotiations, remembering that you can negotiate on three dimensions — price, timing, and deliverables.

4 – Differentiate yourself : Today, bloggers can be considered a dime a dozen. With no barrier to entry, the industry has become crowded. You have to stand out. You have to give people a reason to visit your blog, to follow you, and to swipe up.

5 – Be authentic : Never try to be someone you’re not. Don’t try to force something. The best way to differentiate yourself is by being yourself! There is not another you.

Create & Cultivate photos by Breanna McKendrick 

Top 10 products

1. These Sachin & Babi earrings from this look

2. These flamingo pink Outdoor Voices workout pants featured here

3. These Tory Burch sneakers from this look

4. This cardigan from our Nordstrom sale post

5. The colorblock top (which is on sale now!) from this look

6. This graphic tee from this colorful look

7. These classic nude Louboutin pumps worn here

8. This swingy striped dress (which is on sale!) as seen here

9. Kayla Itsines’ book as mentioned in this interview with her

10. This kaftan seen here

In Closing

As always, thanks for visiting. Thanks for being a part of this colorful community. Thanks for your loyalty and support. Looking forward to all that’s to come!

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