October 04, 2017

Wednesday Words of Wisdom : 10.04.17

Now matters more than any other time in your life.

Because, spoiler alert, time machines aren't real, and you'll never ever be able to go back to a previous date.


Wednesday Words of Wisdom : 10.04.17

Written by Julie Weinstein

We’ve been feeling such a heavy weight on our hearts this week, after hearing about the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. It’s a mix of feeling helpless, angry, frustrated, and sad. It’s hard to comprehend something like a mass shooting, and how so many people have lost their lives. From one second to the next, everything changed.

Life is made up of tons and tons and tons of moments. Some are big and all encompassing and others are tiny and more insignificant. Each and every one shapes our life in one way or the other.

The most important moment of all, though, is the one you’re in right now. This very second. Because, truly, now, in this moment, matters more than any other moment in your life.


Yes, memories are a wonderful thing. Looking back and reminiscing is great. Indeed, our past has helped define each and every one of us. You wouldn’t be who you are without your past. Though, we simply have to remember that it is just that…the past.

To look back on happy times and smile or look back on rougher times and learn is part of life (and very important!), but it’s also important to make sure we leave the past in the past.

Because, spoiler alert, time machines aren’t real, and you’ll never ever be able to go back to a previous date. The question of what if is irrelevant. What if you had acted differently in that situation five years ago? We’ll never know. Simply learn from it and move forward. 

Looking Ahead

When it comes to the future, it’s great to look ahead and plan, set goals, have dreams, and think about the days to come, but it’s not necessarily wise to spend too much of your time and headspace doing so.

Because you can’t predict the future.

You can certainly plan for it and prepare as best as possible, but no one knows what is to come, so it’s best to not spend all of our time in the future.


Now is all that matters. Truly. This day, this hour, this moment that you’re in is where you should focus your thoughts and energy.

Yesterday is over and tomorrow hasn’t come. Being present in the very moment you’re in is what life is all about.

We all have hectic lives. We all have stress and anxiety. Life moves at a very fast pace. And the world we live in is crazy. But all you can do is be present in every moment you’re given. Focus on the now, now.

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow hasn’t come. Be in this moment.

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Amy Tangerine

A huge thank you, as always, to the incredibly talented Amy Tangerine who designed the gorgeous art you see above.

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Watercolor design by Amy Tangerine

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