August 23, 2019

The Color Connection : 08.23.19

All the best colorful links to read and shop this week. Happy reading and shopping!

Around Here Lately

Did you see? I did a thing! 

I blogged! And I’m back here on a regular basis now.

Word of the month, color of the month, a personal update, and what it means to have a fresh start

7 best wine and cupcake flavor pairings

And did you see the color of the month shop? So much green goodness!

Thank you

Thank you so much for all your kind, supportive comments on my post at the beginning of the week. It feels good to come clean, so to speak, and share a bit of what we’ve been going through.

But never doubt – the outlook is positive! The future is bright. There is lots of happiness to be had around here. Elle keeps me smiling and laughing every single day. No shortage of personality with that little one!

A sweet follower sent me the following passage this week. It meant a lot to me, so I thought you all may appreciate it as well….


It is brave to feel emotion. It is brave to fight for your heart. It is brave to show up for each other.  It is brave to forgive.  It is brave to start over.  It is brave to love.  It is brave to let go.  It is brave to not fit in.  It is brave to dream. It is brave to be you. 

- Rachel Marie Martin

Weekend Reading

7 things hindering your finances more than that daily Starbucks latte

10 hottest cities in America for start-ups (Spoiler alert: Houston made the list!)

Are you considering adoption?

Have you ever been to Antigua?

How cute is this fun house birthday party?

Is your phone ruining your relationship?

Looking for a cute yet modern doormat?


Weekend Shopping

3 great pair of shoes from J.Crew I’d consider for fall: these, these, and these

Can never go wrong with a classic DVF wrap dress

Cute colorful hoop earrings for less than $30

Elle would love this cute little clock puzzle

Eye candy for my organizational-loving heart

Forget your over-the-knee boots this fall; it’s all about the knee boots – like these

Have your cake and eat play with it too

Need this burnt orange headband and this burnt orange top for fall UT events

Rainbow mommy and me fall dresses? Sign me up!

The mama sweater all of us moms need

This long denim shirt + these animal-print jeans

This necklace is exquisite!

This orchid striped sweater with these jeans (my current favorites!) and these heels

This tie-dye workout outfit!

Transition outfit: this dress + this bag + these earrings + these shoes

You’ll be seeing this moon bag everywhere in the fall!

Happy Weekend!

Until next time… More color, please!

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