May 08, 2018

Rainbows: Why They are Trending & How You Can Wear Them

How to Wear Rainbows from Head to Toe

More Rainbows, Please!

At, color is always in style! That’s no surprise. After all, more color, please! But these days, it’s not just us…

The Fashion World Embraces Rainbows

Traditionally, though, the high fashion world has taken a divergent view on color from us. The fashion elite have always embraced a “black is the new black” approach. Indeed, for ages, the fashionable people were those who donned neutrals.

But in recent seasons, there’s been a noticeable shift… And not just from neutrals to colors. Yes, we are seeing a lot of colorful clothes in stores these days. But we are talking about moving all the way on the spectrum from black to rainbow! Yes, full on ROY G. BIV colors are taking over runways and closets everywhere!

Rainbows on the Runway

The first time I remember noticing rainbows on the runway is the Chanel collection in 2014 at Paris Fashion Week. The images of that show are beautifully burned into my memory! Then Kiera Knightly wore a dress from the collection on the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar, and I died. Then, in this current fashion season, as part of his last collection for Burberry, Christopher Bailey gave the brand’s iconic check pattern a rainbow twist. And you know Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia is on board with this vibrant movement!

So, as you can see, rainbows are no longer just for the kids. Rainbows have grown up, if you will. They of course are still fun and energetic, but there’s also a certain heir of sophistication with rainbows now. We’ve seen even the most high-end designers embracing the positivity. . And we’ve never ever met a rainbow we didn’t like. Truly!

Why are Rainbows Trending in Fashion?

So, given that colors are such an anomaly in fashion, particularly rainbow bright colors, it begs the question… why?

Why are rainbows trending in fashion at this point in time?

Well, I’d submit to you that fashion is an art form. And art forms are often influenced by the climate in which they are created. So, it’s no surprise that in today’s social and political climate we are seeing rainbows on the runway.

And in times of darkness, we could use a dose of visual hope. Fashion is doing its best to spread the happy, positive vibes that the world needs today. Fashion is rebelling against the negativity that abounds and trying to uplift our spirits! And who can say no to rainbows and sunshine and positivity and light and love? Today’s runways are giving us all the positive, happy energy that we need.

How Carrie Has Worn Rainbows

Now to get your colorful creative juices flowing, here are some ways we’ve worn rainbows around here…

How to Wear Rainbow from Head to Toe

Certainly we have you convinced and inspired to wear rainbow, right? Good!

Because now we are going to offer you choices, from head to toe, on how to embrace this good, positive, happy, colorful trend!

Now, you might notice that we’ve included a range of options… from high end to bargain finds, you’ll find rainbows galore for both you and your mini!

Rainbow Tops

Carrie’s pick : this for me, and this and this for Elle


Rainbow Bottoms

Carrie’s picks: these for me, and these for Elle

Rainbow Dresses

Carrie’s picks: this for me, and this for Elle

Rainbow Swimsuits

Carrie’s picks: this for me, and this for Elle

Rainbow Shoes

Carrie’s picks: these for me (but why oh why is my size sold out?) and these for Elle

Rainbow Bags

Carrie’s picks: this one – it’s a steal for $68!

Rainbow Jewelry

Carrie’s picks: these earrings

Rainbow Accessories

Carrie’s picks: this for me, and these for Elle

A Couple More Things

What about you? Do you love rainbows as much as we do? Anything you’re eyeing from above? Let us know in the comments below and have a great day!


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  1. Cayla says:

    Favorite post to date!!! Love it all!

    1. YAY!!! Thank you, Cayla! So. Many. Good. Options.

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    Totally agree – that Chanel collection was everything! Such a fun round-up!

    1. Wasn’t that such a memorable collection? All the heart eyes for it!

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