January 30, 2020

This New Insurance Company is The Way of the Future

4 reasons why you should try Spire

Let's Talk About Insurance

Doing your taxes.

Getting a tooth pulled.

Paying bills.

Going to the doctor.

Getting insurance quotes.

In my humble opinion, these things all rank very high on my list of “unfun” things that we as adults have to do. We dread them, we don’t like them, but they are part of life. Who else is with me on this?

And with insurance quotes, the process is doubly frustrating because not only is it not enjoyable, but usually it’s very unclear, complicated, and shrouded in mystery. Who among us has any clue of all the factors that go into that cost that we are ultimately quoted?

Well, I have good news… there’s a new option available that combats many of these frustrations!

Keep reading, as I’ve partnered with Spire Insurance to introduce you to a new way of getting car insurance…

What is Spire Insurance?

Since we all agree that buying auto insurance is a complicated, antiquated process, that begs the question:

Why isn’t there a better alternative for auto insurance?

Well, now there is… It’s about time insurance got an update, and Spire Insurance is that update!

Launched in December 2019, Spire Insurance is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Spire is a simple, easy-to-understand digital insurance platform designed to be convenient and accessible from your phone. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? We live in a mobile-first world, so why shouldn’t insurance be easily accessible on a mobile platform?

Getting an insurance quote has never been easier or quicker. In fact, the entire process of getting a car insurance quote can be done on your phone and takes around one minute! That’s right: only about one minute.

As of now, Spire is available in Texas. But stay tuned, as they will certainly be rolling out to other states and even adding other types of insurance.

4 Reasons to Try Spire Insurance

Spire Insurance stands for ideals that we can all get behind! Spire is simple, easy-to-understand insurance built on fair and straightforward principles.

Here are four reasons you should try Spire Insurance:

1 – Spire Insurance is simple

As I alluded earlier, there are two key advantages to getting an insurance quote from Spire.

1 – The entire process can be done on your phone. 

2 – The entire process can be done in about one minute.

You go to the Spire mobile website, scan your driver’s license, and then answer four simple questions.

Spire’s 4 Simple Questions:

1 – Where do you park? 

2 – Do you own or lease your car? 

3 – How many miles do you drive a year? 

4 – Have you had more than two tickets in the past year? 

How much easier can it be? You can get a quote quickly, and then get back to doing what you love.

2 – Spire Insurance is fair

Spire uses transparent rating factors that are fair across the board. They’ve stripped out all the ambiguous, mystifying traditional rating factors that companies have used in the past.

Did you know traditional insurance companies take into account factors like gender, marital status, employment status, and other obtuse factors? Not Spire!

Spire considers simple and understandable factors like who you are, what you drive, where you drive, and how you drive. They skip all the industry jargon and cut right to the chase.

3 – Spire Insurance is empowering

Simply put, life is easier with Spire insurance. You can get a quote quickly, make an informed insurance decision quickly, and then get back to living your life. You’ll have more time to do more of what makes you happy! And that’s something to smile about.

4 – Spire Insurance is relevant

Your life is mobile, and Spire is mobile. Spire is a mobile-first platform not only for the quote process but it is also a mobile-first platform when you’re a member.

Once you’re a member, you can download the app so that you can learn more about your driving habits. Spire will help you be more mindful of five key driving habits: (1) your speeding habits, (2) your braking habits, (3) your acceleration habits, (4) your proclivity for distracted driving, and (5) your tendency for hard cornering.

As we all know, knowledge is power. And with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make better, safer driving decisions. But beyond that, you’ll also be able to unlock fun rewards.

In summary, these brand promises not only define the company, but they also describe the relationship you as a customer will have with this insurance company. This is not your typical “black box” insurance quote experience where you have no clue what goes in or what comes out. With Spire, you know exactly what factors are impacting your car insurance rate, plus you get real-time feedback on how you can earn credit within the system.

In Closing

Spire Insurance is a new winning solution for millenials (and beyond) who are looking for a modern, transparent, digital, mobile-first insurance company.

It almost sounds to easy to be true, right? Well, I encourage my fellow Texans to try it out! You’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the procress.

I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Spire Insurance for sponsoring this post. I thoroughly screen and vet all brands with whom I work. Their brand values, products, and services must align with my personal interests and preferences, as well as be relevant to my community. Sponsorships such as this one support the ongoing colorful content creation here on CarrieColbert.com and my social media channels. 


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