August 21, 2019

Wine and Cupcake Pairings : Everything You Need to Know

Plus, some super simple ideas for hosting a fabulous girls night in.

Wine and Cupcakes : What's Not to Love?

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With the end of summer knocking at our door, I started thinking about having some girlfriends over to enjoy an end-of-summer girls night in.

But let’s keep it real… No one wants to be firing up the oven or stove to cook during these hot summer days.  Or, if we want to take it a step further in the “keeping it real department”, some of us don’t like to cook or bake much at all at any time of year! Ha.

However, we still want to impress our friends, right? So, I determined this as my objective:

Cupcakes and wine, done the easiest way possible – but make it sophisticated

In the end, I came up with a sweet, delicious, easy plan that anyone can replicate at home. Keep scrolling for all the details…

Hosting a Simple Girls Night In

To reiterate my objective, it was simply this:

Cupcakes and wine, done the easiest way possible – but make it sophisticated

And let’s be honest: you and your friends all deserve wine, you all deserve cupcakes, and you all deserve a carefree night. Here are the three secrets I used to pull off the easiest girls night in ever!

1 – Purchase cupcakes from the store

As we covered already, nobody needs to be standing over a hot oven during the summer! So, just purchase pre-made cupcakes from your local bakery or grocery store. Make sure the cupcakes are already frosted to avoid the mess of having to do that.

But if you’re feeling a little extra, feel free to make available some simple toppings your guests can add to their cupcakes. Think items like sprinkles, gummy bears, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, granola, fruits, and so on and so forth. Again, remember to keep it simple.

2 – Pick up some delicious wines

Bonus points if it’s wine in a can! Why? It goes back to my theme of simplifying.

I personally was thrilled to hear that Cupcake Vineyards came out with cans this summer! Now you can enjoy Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé in a super convenient way. Whether you’re entertaining outdoors or styling your bar cart or even hosting an indoor party, these cans bring the charm and fun to your party!

And in the spirit of keeping it simple, no glassware required. That means eliminating dishwashing, plus reducing the chances of spills and breakage. While you can forego the glassware, we do encourage cute environmentally-friendly straws. Reusable or paper straws will do the trick!

3 – Prepare suggested wine and cupcake pairings

Now, this is the key… This secret will take you from a seemingly lazy hostess to a sophisticated wine connoisseur in your guests’ eyes. (Ha! Just kidding. Kind of.)

For your summer party, I suggest sticking with white wines and rosé wines. Summertime calls for light, refreshing beverages. Save those heavy red wines for the winter.

Nevertheless, so that you are prepared to properly pair no mater the season, keep reading for everything you need to know about wine and cupcake pairings…

The 7 Best Wine & Cupcake Flavor Combinations

If you’ve ever wondered what wines pair best with what cake flavors, this guide is for you! And let’s be honest  – these flavor recommendations apply not just to cupcakes, but full size cakes too. Size doesn’t matter in this case. It’s all about the flavors!

White Wines & Cupcake Pairings

1. Sparkling wine pairs well with funfetti cupcakes

This one makes obvious sense… champagne is extra, funfetti is extra, so it’s a match made in flavor heaven! If you are celebrating something special, you can’t go wrong with this pairing. Looking for sparkling wine ideas? Be sure to check out Cupcake’s Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé, and Moscato D’asti.

2. Chardonnay wine pairs well with strawberry cupcakes

Butter and cream are practically related to chardonnays — simpatico in nature, if you will. Paired with some tart fresh strawberries, a Chardonnay will really shine! It’s almost like a strawberry shortcake of flavors.

3. Sauvignon Blanc wine pairs well with lemon cupcakes

This might be my favorite pairing for summertime! Sauvignon Blanc itself is very vibrant with hints of lemon, so it’s only natural that lemon cake pairs so well with it. This light, airy combination will leave you refreshed and wanting more!

4. Riesling wine pairs well with vanilla cupcakes

Rieslings are somewhat sweet, but yet their sweetness won’t overpower vanilla – particularly if you go with a riesling that is more on the zesty end of the taste spectrum (and less on the sweet end of the taste spectrum).

Red Wines & Cupcake Pairings

Continuing our list on the darker and heavier side of the varietal spectrum…

5. Pinot Noir wine pairs well with red velvet cupcakes

You know that we are fans of color around here. And sometimes color comes into play even with food and drink! When it comes to Pinot Noir, just create a monochromatic look. That is, pair this red wine with red velvet cupcakes to bring out the chocolate and berry flavors.

6. Cabernet Sauvignon wine pairs well with chocolate cupcakes

A rich wine like Cabernet Sauvignon deserves an equally rich cake pairing. So, indulge in chocolate cupcakes with this wine. The full-bodied fruitiness of Cabernet Sauvignon pairs so perfectly with chocolate.

7. Merlot wine pairs well with dark chocolate cupcakes

Finally, taking it a step further from pairing number six, the deep plum and cherry flavors of merlot deserve an equally deep chocolate flavor cake. Go bold or go home with this pairing!

Wine and Cupcake Pairings Cheat Sheet

Now, with these pairings in your mind, we’ve created a handy dandy pinnable graphic for you. You can find this “cheat sheet”, if you will, at the bottom of this post. Scroll all the way down, pin it, save it, print it, share it, and come back to this primer anytime you need to do so. Your tastebuds will thank you, and you’ll thank me later!

In Closing

Well, do you feel equipped to wow your girlfriends with these wine and dessert pairing ideas? Just refer to our cheat sheet for all you need to know. Worry not. After all, what girlfriends wouldn’t love a night of cupcakes and wine?

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    xx, Merritt

    1. Right? The dessert form or the wine form! Haha.

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