July 01, 2020

Good Ranchers Review

Introducing you to a new direct-to-you meat option

Good Ranchers Review

At first glance, today’s blog post might seem a little off of the usual topics of content I bring to you here: a review of Good Ranchers, a meat company. But hear me out…

Today’s blog post is in fact very timely and relevant for multiple reasons. Obviously, we have the Fourth of July holiday approaching this weekend. And that holiday almost always entails grilling out! But more so, now is a great time to explore alternatives to the traditional big-box grocery stores. (More on that below)

Plus, I’m always open to sharing great new finds with you of any type! I love anything that makes our lives better, easier, safer, and so on and so forth. Becoming aware of Good Ranchers – and then becoming a customer – has been a great plus for our family. So, I’m happy to spread the news and share it with you all!

So, without further delay, let’s jump right into my review of Good Ranchers…

An Honest Review of Good Ranchers

Rather than just rambling on about my experience with Good Ranchers, I thought it’d be useful to share my experience vis-à-vis answering questions you might have…

What exactly is Good Ranchers?

Put simply, Good Ranchers is a (relatively) new way to purchase great meat for your family while giving back to the community.

Founded in 2018, Good Ranchers is a farm-to-market pop-up shop and mobile community food drive. That’s right – their slogan says it all: “Do Good. Eat Good.”

In order to help you “eat good,”, Good Ranchers partners with local independent ranches and farms across America’s heartland to provide customers with quality meats that any family can afford.

And they certainly accomplish their “do good” mantra as well. Since launching in 2018, the company has delivered over 300,000 meals to those in need!

Why should I buy from Good Ranchers?

There are several compelling reasons to get your meat from Good Ranchers – particularly right now. Here are three key reasons why we shop with Good Ranchers.

First, as noted above, giving back is at the heart of everything Good Ranchers does. These days, I like doing business with businesses that have a “do good” component. I want to know that my purchase is having a social impact of some sort. And I can rest assured that is happening with Good Ranchers. They actively volunteer and donate meals on an ongoing basis.

Second, the value proposition simply can’t be denied! By cutting out all the middlemen traditionally found in the industry, Good Ranchers is able to pass that value on to you, the customer. Whether you’re feeding a large family or planning for a big event, Good Ranchers is your best source for stocking up on meat.

Third, in these crazy times in which we are living, a trip to the grocery store can truly be a somewhat risky proposition. Even with masks on, many are hesitant to go into crowded indoor spaces. This is where Good Ranchers comes in handy. Operating primarily out of pop-up tents, these small direct-to-you experiences are a great alternative to the big box grocery retailers.

Where is Good Ranchers located?

They currently operate primarily through pop-up locations around the country.

Why pop-up locations? Well, it’s a great opportunity for you to see and try the meat – and meet the team behind the company. All of the sales team are knowledgable and educated on all things beef-related. They can help greatly with your purchasing decisions. For exact current locations, be sure to consult their website for all the latest and greatest information on addresses and hours.

Good Ranchers Locations

Soon, Good Ranchers also plans to offer the option to shop online. This will provide an even greater level of convenience and personal safety. So, be on the lookout for that!

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Does Good Ranchers really offer 20 steaks for $35?

So, you’ve heard about their deals like 20 steaks for $35 already? Many people have! Good Ranchers has become notorious for these “too good to be true” specials.

But the truth of the matter is that these deals are, in fact, the real deal! These twenty filets are industry standard size of approximately four ounces for a total of almost five pounds of delicious, tender filets.

How is Good Ranchers able to offer such great deals?

The next logical question: How are they able to offer such amazing deals? Well, the answer to that is two-fold.

First, they’ve cut out all the middlemen. The meat industry traditionally is crowded with middlemen, all taking a piece of the pie, so to speak, and adding to your bottom line. Just think of all the entities that stand between the cattle in the field and you buying meat at a traditional grocery store.

Second, Good Ranchers operates by a low-cost business model. Besides cutting out middlemen, they also do not have the overhead burden of brick-and-mortar locations and a bloated number of employees. They run a lean operation to keep the prices down and keep us customers happy!

Bonus: they also pay close attention to the market, taking advantage of commodity price swings. By doing so, that’s more savings they can pass on to you.

Where does Good Ranchers get its meat?

They partner with local ranches and farms throughout the heartland of America. The cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished.

Even though I’m the daughter of a rancher, I’m certainly no expert on the beef industry. “Grass-fed and grain-finished” essentially means that the cattle have a 100% vegetarian diet that starts on grass and then finishes with a grain diet, which gives the steaks that high-end steakhouse taste and tenderness.

Is Good Ranchers legit? Or is Good Ranchers a scam?

Ha! I understand your skepticism to some extent. However, bottom line: This is one of those cases where something that’s “too good to be true” actually is true! And I hope I’ve painted the picture for you clearly on why Good Ranchers is able to offer such great value to its customers.

Besides that, in full disclosure, I have to share that I know the founders well. The husband and wife team are two of the most upstanding, moral, ethical individuals whom I’ve ever been privileged to know. They live their lives with such high standards of excellence in every area. That certainly carries over into their business practices.

Is Good Ranchers worth it?

Well, friends, what do you have to lose? Their beef is 100% all-natural, USDA Choice or higher meats, all at amazing prices!

Why not give it a try? Your family, like my family, will likely thank you!

In Closing

Have you ever heard of Good Ranchers? Would you be open to buying your meat from somewhere besides a traditional grocery store these days?

Be sure to check out their website for the most up-to-date listing of locations. And please do let me know your thoughts when you visit Good Ranchers!

Also, don’t miss out on this idea to spice up your usual 4th of July food… Instead of boring old burgers and hot dogs, try this DIY skewer board! Grill up some meat and some veggies, arrange on a charcuterie board, and let your family build their own meal!

Finally, thank you to Good Ranchers for sponsoring this post. Sponsorships like this help make the content here possible. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


photos by Kate Robinson Photography; dress c/o Hunter Bell NY

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