November 25, 2020

A Whimsical Colorful Christmas Tree

5 steps to create the colorful Christmas tree of your dreams

A Unconventional Tree for an Unconventional Year

Well, friends, it certainly has been an unconventional year, right? That descriptor is definitely putting it mildly.

Given how strange this year has been, I felt the urge to shake things up this year as far as my Christmas tree goes! While I’ve been known to conceive colorful conifer creations before (who can forget my 2018 rainbow Christmas tree?!), I wanted to veer even more non-traditional this season.

To me, the epitome of traditional holiday decor centers around the colors red and green. And trust me – I love a good traditional red and green Christmas tree as much as anyone! There’s something so stately and elegant and regal about it.

But in a year that’s been anything but standard, I wanted my tree to reflect that as well. So, keep scrolling to read and see more of my 2020 colorful Christmas tree…

The Making of a Whimsical Colorful Christmas Tree

As I think about how to write this blog post and share it with you, my mind just keeps recapping the order of steps that brought this idea to life. So, I’ll just present it that way…

5 Steps to Creating the Colorful Christmas Tree of Your Dreams

1 – Consider Your Colors

First things first, as I mentioned, the color palette largely defines the mood for me. And while I wanted to go for a #morecolorplease look again, I wanted it to be different and less traditional than this one.

That meant eliminating red all together! So, as we went through our beloved ornament collection, we sorted them by color – and pushed the red ones to the side. Did it pain me to set aside special ornaments like my London phone booth ornament and some traditional Santa ornaments? Sure, but they’ll be back in the rotation next year most likely.

2 – Pick Your Pine

In keeping with the theme of going nontraditional this year, for the first time ever, I decided to try a flocked Christmas tree! And not just any flocked Christmas tree. Treetopia generously gifted me this pre-lit 9′ Frosty Flocked Christmas tree. And she’s a beauty.

Actually, seeing this tree in all her glory led me to elevate the overall look. A tree as sophisticated as this one deserves equally sophisticated decorations – with a whimsical and colorful touch of course.

3 – Find Your Florals

Here is where the sophisticated elegant look was accomplished… Once again, I enlisted my friend and florist extraordinaire Phuong of Mibellarosa to assist with this part of the project. She ran with the designated color palette and searched high and low for the best florals.

Now, I should mention here that apparently there is a shortage of many things these days, including faux florals. But nevertheless, she persisted and created something stunning! We used florals similar to this, this, this, and this – along with some metallic poinsettias and such.

For more tips on incorporating florals into your Christmas tree, check out this 2018 rainbow Christmas tree blog post. I just love how luxe the flowers make the tree look.

4 – Fill in with the Familiar

Next, I filled in the tree with those tried and true familiar ornaments. You know the ones — the ones you’ve collected over the years that spark great memories. Whether they commemorate a new home, a special trip, or a new addition to the family, these ornaments are the ones that give us all the feels!

This year, we went with a more subtle color block approach than in 2018. With that being said, we generally hung the ornaments along with their respective color sections.

Now, it’s probably worth pausing here to say: Contrary to popular belief, bloggers do not buy all new Christmas trees and decorations each year. Well, let me clarify: this blogger doesn’t. Many perhaps do, so that they can sell exact items to you. I, however, love a collected, gathered, well-loved look to a tree. So, while I add a few ornaments here and there each year, I really enjoy using what we have.

Tradition idea: In fact, one of my favorite holiday traditions each year revolves around ornaments. We will go to the store as a family and each family member picks out one new special ornament each year.  For these, we generally go for keepsake glass ornaments like Christopher Radko or Old World Christmas. It’s so meaningful to look back over the years and remember the significance of why we each chose each ornament.

5  – Spotlight the Special

Piggybacking off that last point, my final step is to add our new special ornaments. After putting all the filler and fluff on the tree, carve out some special spots to spotlight the new ornaments. That way, we can enjoy gazing at those new additions all season long.

Bonus Step – Include Inflatable Ornaments!

Now, this year we ended up incorporating one final special step: Holiball inflatable ornaments! My goodness, who can resist these unique decorations? Not me!

A little back story on Holiball… Holiball was founded by three ladies who are cousins here in Houston! You know I love that they are both Houston-based and female-founded! I vaguely remember seeing them last holiday season, but they only had a very limited assortment of four colors. But this year, they’ve expanded their offerings to include so many beautiful colors! And the balls come in two sizes.

I am so very appreciative that they, too, took my creative idea and ran with it — accessorizing our tree with a rainbow of inflatable ornaments. What’s not to love?

Furthermore, Holiball will be on the next episode of Shark Tank! Trust me – these are going to be the must-have holiday decorating accessory of the year! Order them while you can!

A few FAQ on Holiball: 

– What pump do you suggest using to inflate?

This one

– Can I reuse year after year?

Absolutely! Remove the topper and plug, deflate, roll up, and toss into storage for next year!

– How do I position and arrange my Holiballs? 

You can hang them with fishing line. Or, to keep them sitting in position, use these plant saucers!

Family Christmas Tree Photos

One more thing… We managed to sneak in some family photos while photographing the tree. So, since this is my blog, bear with me while I share some favorites! Hee.

In Closing

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Finally, like most things in life, it’s true what they say…

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Again, I can’t thank my creative cohorts enough for helping to bring this fun Christmas tree vision to life!


Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree courtesy of Treetopia

Florals by Mibellaorsa

Inflatable ornaments courtesy of Holiball

Photos by Kate Robinson Photography

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