February 07, 2020

Weekend Roundup : 02.07.20

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Around Here Lately

Let’s be frank, shall we? If I’m being honest, I have to tell y’all this week has been a struggle.

Potty training a toddler is hard. Launching a new business is hard. Juggling multiple priorities is hard.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

I made a statement last month that I intended to publish three blog posts a week. That seemed like a reasonable schedule. And here I am posting my first one this week.

I feel like I’m falling short. I feel like I’m not measuring up. And I feel like I let people down.


I’m trying to give myself grace. I’m trying to be patient with myself. I’m trying to take a deep breath.

Life can be overwhelming. If you are feeling that way, know you’re not alone. We will get through this (whatever “this” is for you), and we will not only survive but thrive.

So, there you have it — a little pep talk. 😉

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Weekend Reading

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Valentine’s Day outfit ideas – scroll to bottom!

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend.

More color, please!



  1. Elizabeth says:

    You got this. Keep close to your 💗 what a privilege it is to be handling your “three” opportunities. Your precious Miss Elle is blossoming and growing right before your eyes.

    1. Indeed. Thank you, Elizabeth. Big hugs –

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