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Editor’s Note

Just a quick note on content this past week… If you recall, I laid out here our content plan for the week. It was the first week we were attempting to publish twice a day. Well, I’m not sure if you noticed but we missed the mark a couple times. We missed a travel feature on Tuesday, and we missed an outfit feature on Thursday.

It was a good reminder to me that (1) we are all always a work in progress, and that (2) we are real women around here. Real women who struggle with real life issues – big and small. Our computers crash, our friends go through struggles that require our support, family members pass away, and so much more. And that was just in one week – whew! Add to that the fact that torrential downpours plagued Houston for much of the week, which made it nearly impossible to take photos outdoors.

Anyway, all of that to say a few things… First, we are dedicated to getting better every day! Second, thanks for your patience with us. Third, a big thanks to my team — Ashley, Bella, Hannah, Julie, and Maritere. Stay tuned to learn more about these wonderful ladies soon!

Finally, thanks as always for stopping by! And have a great Sunday.

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