When One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Written by Hannah Lyons

Hello to all of you fellow Wear+Where+Well readers + happy Friday! Firstly, it should be noted that I’ve never had such terrible writer’s block, so I apologize for my chaotic thoughts. I have had the most difficult time trying to find the right words to write and even begin this post. Secondly, as I’ve mentioned in my recent posts, this past month I graduated from Texas Tech University and I’ve recently accepted a position in Austin, Texas. Accordingly, in the coming weeks, I will be packing up and moving to a brand new city! While exciting, it’s still very scary. Of course, this change has prompted a finale in my intern position and an end to an amazing opportunity that’s forever changed my life. So, all things considered, as one chapter ends in my life, another will soon begin.


5 Things I’ve Learned As an Intern

With all things considered, I’ll stop trying to be my usual dramatic self (HA) and cut to some things that I’ve learned during this entire experience (an 11-month journey to be exact)! The following are 5 things I’ve learned in my journey as an intern.

  1. You don’t get your dream job right off the bat.

    • I always imagined to graduate from college and make a successful living fashion blogging or working for a top-tier PR firm. Noted, while it’s quite possible, it’s not common. Reaching your dreams takes time and patience. Keyword: patience. We have this habit of rushing everything and expecting the most in the shortest amount of time. While instant gratification is satisfying, long-term commitment and dedication paired with consistent hard work are the true equation that will get you to fulfillment and happiness. Trust me!
  2. Bloggers should receive more credit.

    • Wow, I can’t express this enough. Never did I know the gravity of how much time, money, and patience that goes into blogging. Posts take a lot of time to plan and write; all the while trying to reach an audience and possibly sell products. My respect for the blogging community has increased tremendously and I’ll forever be thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to learn about everything that goes into, well, everything!
  3. Always keep an open mind. Always be eager to learn. 

    • Besides learning what goes into blogging, I’ve learned so much more about fashion, art, and culture as a whole. Since I’ve started writing for WWW, I’ve expanded my time in reading and studying trends and different ideas. Additionally, I’ve grown so much more confident in my writing and my ability to connect with readers. Internships provide the perfect opportunity to grow in yourself, culture, and skill. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is, “if you are ever to be one thing, be a student of life”.
  4. Find inspiration from the unexpected.  

    • In my time writing, I’ve learned to find inspiration beyond the typical designers and artists. For example, my very first ‘inspired by’ post was influenced by the film ‘La La Land’. Just from one movie, I found inspiration in apparel and home. The inspiration goes off, and all of a sudden everything falls into place. What I have learned from experiences like the one that I had with ‘La La Land’ is that some of the best experiences come from the most unexpected places.
  5. But first, love yourself. 

    • My success at WWW would not have been possible if not for the consistent opportunities for growth and discovery throughout these past 11 months. By coupling personal blogs and life updates with social media and affiliate network utilization, I have stretched myself and become more confident in my abilities. Social media has made me more vulnerable than I have ever been, but has also helped my self-confidence evolve.  As the saying goes “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else”, something I have seen proven true during this internship.

Sending Positive Vibes Your Way

Oh my, y’all it’s been such a pleasure writing for each and every one of you. I can’t thank you all enough for this opportunity and constant support throughout my journey. I’m so excited to see my path unfold and later look back to these posts to see how they have shaped the person I currently am and will eventually become. So to finish- I wish you all an amazing weekend and will always be sending positive vibes your way. Don’t forget to love yourself and set you as a priority throughout your life.

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