Bell Sleeves + Plaid + Pops of Red

Today, I’m happy to share a holiday look that’s not a dress. While I love dresses, there are in fact alternative looks for the holidays that can be just as fun! This look in particular combines bell sleeves and plaid and pops of red, making it on trend + classic + festive all in one. Indeed, what more could you ask for from an outfit this time of year?

Bell Sleeves 

If you’ve been reading along here for long, you know that the bell sleeve trend is one that we like! You can see that with this dress and this top.

Now, I must confess that the bell sleeve aspect of this outfit was definitely the splurge. I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous Roksanda top for ages. And I finally decided to pull the trigger. Undoubtedly, I have no regrets! I’ve already paired it with these jeans, these wide-legged pants (on sale), this pleated skirt (on sale), and much more. The top has, in fact, been on heavy rotation.

But even if you’re not wanting to splurge (understandable!), you can recreate this look. Here’s a round up of some of the best black bell-sleeve tops we have found online right now:

Tartan Plaid 

For the second element of this outfit equation, I added in some plaid in the form of these pants. Seriously, how perfect are these for the holidays? Plus, they’re a bargain – particularly right now as you can get them for 40% off right now.

Indeed, this plaid is so perfect (and perfectly priced!) that I’d highly recommend purchasing some for yourself while you can. Even if the pants aren’t your jam, you’re bound to find something that works. This perfect plaid comes in a number of items, as seen here:

Pops of Red 

Finally, I finished this look with some strong pops of red. Red is always a good idea, right? I thought so, so I added it in via my bag, my shoes (mine are older – but I love these), and of course a red lip!

If you’re looking for a powerful punch of red, check out all these options:

In Closing

So, can you believe Christmas is less than a week away? How is your week shaping up? Here on the home front, we have a pretty busy week. This week starts with hosting our annual holiday party / birthday party for B. It’s sure to be great fun as always! I’ll probably be sharing some on Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow along (@carriec).

Finally, we wish you a week filled with joy among all the hustle and bustle! And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Necklace by The Jen Collection; flowers from Franzie’s Flower Design – a great new flower boutique in our neighborhood

Photos by Maritere Rice

Details of My Look


  1. Anastasia says:

    This is such a fantastic outfit! These days when people say ‘holiday outfit’ they usually mean a sparkly dress – and although I don’t mind them at all, there are so many other stylish possibilities when it comes to dressing for a party! Love-love-love the bell sleeves and some tartan! x

  2. Bella B says:

    Carrie, You look fantastic. I am loving that top its so cute.

  3. Sheri says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Very cute top…it looks great on you.

    Plaid is always right too 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better,


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