April 12, 2018

How to Put a Delicious Twist on Your Next Game Night

Did someone say Scrabble cookies?

Game Night

Happy Thursday, friends! We’re that much closer to the weekend (yay!), and have you thought about your weekend plans? Well, if you’re looking for something a bit lower key (yet still fun!), you should consider hosting a game night.

But not just any game night. A colorful and delicious one! And we are here to help, of course.

National Scrabble Day

Have you noticed over the last few years how there is a “holiday” designated for every obscure thing you can think of? We love any excuse for celebrating, so we are not mad about! Well, it turns out Friday, April 13 is National Scrabble Day.

If you’re a logophile like me, you probably have fond memories of playing Scrabble, the original crossword game. A game of Scrabble always prompts both debates and laughter. And you know, I usually walked away from a game having learned a new word. You have to love a game that actually has some educational value! Indeed, all of us can benefit from an expanded vocabulary.

5 Random Facts About Scrabble

Given that Scrabble is the ultimate game about obscure words, it seems to make sense to share a few obscure facts about Scrabble.

Did you know Scrabble was invented in 1933 during the Great Depression?

Did you know National Scrabble Day is on April 13 for a reason? Yep – it’s the day Alfred Mosher Butts, the inventor of Scrabble, was born in 1899.

Did you know that in 2004 Scrabble was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame?

Did you know that Scrabble was originally called Lexiko and then Criss Cross Words? Yep – it actually wasn’t renamed as Scrabble until 1948.

Did you know that in 2014 the official Scrabble dictionary was updated to include words like selfie, hashtag, and 5,000 other modern words? A sign of the times for sure.

Okay – enough about traditional Scrabble! Scroll on for details on our fun twist!

3 Easy Steps to the Best Scrabble Game Night Ever

Remember when I mentioned a colorful and delicious Scrabble party earlier? Well, I meant that quite literally.

The hallmark of our tasty twist? Two words: scrabble cookies!

That’s right – we try to incorporate cookies as much as possible in life (see Courage Cookies), so we couldn’t resist turning cookies into Scrabble tiles.

This idea isn’t complicated, but it’s oh so cute. Here are the easy steps.

1. Create the cookies

You’ll want to bake and decorate quite a few cookies! The alphabet has 26 letters. A traditional Scrabble game has 100 letter tiles. So you can decide for yourself how many letters you want. We ended up going with about two and a half alphabets. That seemed to be adequate for a fun round of Scrabble.

Be sure to decorate the cookies with not just the letters, but also the point value of each letter. If you’re not sure how many points each letter gets, here’s a Scrabble point value cheat sheet.

Now in full disclosure, we worked with our favorite cookie gal Shannon Tidwell of Cookies in Color to create these cookies. It’s true – our ideas are better than our skills in the kitchen! Shannon created the most fabulous Scrabble cookies in our color palette. Each cookie is a two-inch square.

What we love about this is that the cookies are multi-purpose. They go from game pieces to delicious treats and party favors for your guests! It’s truly a win win.

2. Print the downloadable grid

Of course, you can’t play Scrabble without a board of sorts. So we used a simple black and white grid (36-inch square). But you don’t even have to bother creating one; you can download this free printable here. Just send it off to your local print shop / office supply store and for about $10, there you go!

3. Just add wine and enjoy!

And no game night is complete without wine! Open up a few bottles, and enjoy your fun, creative, delicious game night.

Your Thoughts

What’s your favorite way to throw a game night? Are you a Scrabble fan? Let us know in the comments below! Have a great day.


  1. Allie says:

    What an adorable idea! I love Scrabble too. I bet I can get everyone on board to olay with me of I make these! xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

    1. So glad you liked it, Allie! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for including us!

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