December 17, 2018

Living Coral: What You Need to Know Now About the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

The 2019 Pantone color of the year has been announced!

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Holidays, birthdays, Super Bowl Sunday… Sure, all these days get us very excited. However, being the color lovers we are, nothing gets us more excited than when Pantone announces its color of the year!

For color lovers like us, this feels like Christmas.

Indeed, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Just last week Pantone announced the color for 2019. Drum roll please…

Pantone’s 2019 color of the year is living coral.

So, let us pause ever so briefly from our December discussions of red and tradition to talk about this breaking colorful news…

My Initial Reaction to Pantone’s Color of the Year

Right away when Pantone announced it’s color of the year, my inboxes became full with people asking my thoughts on this hue. Well, truth be told, I wasn’t sold immediately. And I’m still rather on this fence. I still can’t even articulate why precisely. It was just a bit of a head-scratcher for me. Quite unexpected.

But there’s lots to love about this shade, as we shall discuss below. And more so, I wholeheartedly trust in Pantone’s ability to create and / or predict color trends. So, whether I currently like it or not is somewhat a moot point. Because we will be seeing it everywhere very soon! From runways to street style to home decor and even beauty, this color will begin popping up everywhere. Mark my word.

What is the Pantone Color of the Year?

Just in case you aren’t as completely fanatical about color as we are, let’s back up. Here’s a little primer…

Who or what is Pantone?

Founded in 1963, Pantone basically created an organized system for categorizing colors and thus created a consistent language for communicating about color.

“Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers.” Pantone has a matching system (PMS), which is used across all industries. Basically, it’s the language of color…our favorite language.

Who picks the color of the year?

Great question! Sign me up as a volunteer on this committee. Right? Ha.

The particular group at Pantone which makes the annual color selection is the Pantone Color Institute. Throughout the year, this group helps companies and other various organizations make important color decisions. From branding to forecasting and much, much more, this group can help your team make the right color choices.

As part of that, each year for the past 20 years, through research, trend analysis, and inspiration, the Pantone Color Institute names a color for each specific year. Then, whether through predicting the trend or creating the trend, you’ll surely see the named color of the year throughout fashion, home decor, and beyond.

And just to take a brief walk down colorful memory lane… You might remember 2018’s color of the year has been ultra violet, and 2017’s color of the year was greenery.

All About Living Coral

Now, let’s talk about living coral. Beautiful, right? It’s a coral hue in between orange and pink. Living coral is soft yet energizing, vivacious yet relaxed, and completely warm and inviting. In a world of uncertainty and chaos, this color provides a sense of beautiful calm, which is something we could certainly all use more of these days.

What’s interesting to note is that actual coral, as we all know, is a hard stony substance found in the ocean. It’s certainly not soft, warm, and inviting like the color. However, corals are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing; just as beautiful as living coral the color.

We’re really excited to welcome this color into our lives in a big way this year. Whether through fashion, home decor, stationery, or any other category, we’re getting more on board with it day by day. I’m intrigued to see where living coral takes us in 2019.

Throughout the year we will, of course, be bringing you more content on this coral – with in-depth articles on how to wear it, how to incorporate it into your home, more about the psychology of the color, and beyond, so stay tuned. In the meantime, see below for some of our favorite ways we’ve seen coral on the streets as well as some coral pieces we want to add to our closets and homes immediately.

Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on the 2019 Pantone color of the year? Loving it? Great for you! Somewhat ambivalent like we were initially? That’s okay too. It’ll be exciting to see where this color leads us this year.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!


Street style images borrowed from: Style CharadeHarper’s Bazaar, Livingly, Fashioned Chic, Color Me CourtneyLa Belle Vie, Tumblr, Good to Micha, Wendy’s Lookbook, My Style Vita


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