February 12, 2019

How to Wear Hot Pink All Year Long

Our 16 favorite ways!

All About Hot Pink

Written by Julie Weinstein

Our colors for each month are always colors we love and feel connected to, and we don’t like to pick favorites. However, if we had to pick a favorite, it would, hands down, be pink.

Pink is our main color over here at CarrieColbert.com, and we love it immensely. So you can imagine the excitement we feel right now that it’s our February color.

I know I know, pink in February? Not so groundbreaking. However, we’re not talking just any pink. We’re talking hot pink. We’re talking the boldest kind of pink there is.

The meaning of the color pink is unconditional love and nurturing. While that is more so talking about a lighter shade of pink (see our blush pink articles here and here), it can still hold true for hot pink. But with the added saturation, hot pink can also take on the meaning of passion and energy.

When we see hot pink we immediately light up. It can help one feel empowered and bold and ready to take on whatever comes their way. It’s a strong color and it stands out. Hot pink doesn’t blend in with the others. Hot pink stands on its own!

When it comes to hot pink in fashion, the same holds true. When you wear hot pink you are going to stand out, look bold, and show confidence. Hot pink can be a showstopper. It can bring a smile to anyone’s face, and it’s simply fabulous.

Now, how does one wear hot pink? Keep reading.

How to Wear Hot Pink

16 Ways to Wear Hot Pink

1. Wear it in sequin form

That’s right – go bold with not just the color hot pink, but with the fabric, too.

Olivia Rubin stripe sequin dress

2. Wear it as part of a rainbow

You know we love rainbows as much as we love hot pink, so why not incorporate the two?

STAUD rainbow sweater with L’AGENCE jeans (coming to CarrieColbert.com tomorrow)

3. Wear it with white accents

Whether it’s white accents within the same piece or in your accessories, the contrast works perfectly.

Camilyn Beth dress

4. Wear it with animal print

Animal print is as bold as hot pink is, and we love combining the two.

Marc Jacobs sweater and Norma Kamali skirt

5. Wear it with red

This striking color combination we’ll never get tired of.

Tuckernuck color block swing top

6. Wear it with florals

This is a timeless duo – pink and florals. Both are feminine and they look wonderful together.

Saloni Lea silk midi dress


7. Wear it in a one piece look

A hot pink romper is downright show stopping.

9 tips for wearing a romper

8. Wear it with black

This is especially great for certain work settings – the black tones down the hot pink and looks super chic.

J.Crew pants styled 3 ways

9. Wear it with cobalt blue

Oh how much we love this one! The contrast of hot pink and bold blue is picture perfect.

Little hot pink dress

10. Wear it with denim

This is an easy way to keep it more casual – simply throw on a pair of jeans with hot pink on top.

Free People pink sweater and denim

11. Wear it with gold

In terms of pairing jewelry and accessories with hot pink, we love gold. It looks rich and elegant.

Milan Fashion Week street style

12. Wear it with navy

Similar to cobalt blue, hot pink and navy look stunning together.

The Kentucky Derby beginner’s guide

13. Wear it with neutrals

Another way to tone down the boldness of this color is to pair it with neutrals.

Fendi dress

14. Wear it as an accent in your look

If you’re not fully ready to take the leap into hot pink territory you can start smaller by wearing hot pink as an accent – shoes, bags, etc.

Pom Pom t-shirt and skirt

15. Wear it with rainbow accents

Yes, more rainbows, please! Wear your hot pink sweater or dress with rainbow accessories.

Emilio Pucci one shoulder sweater and frayed denim

16. Wear it with soft pink

Wearing hot pink in a tonal manner works beautifully – simply pair it with softer shades of pink.

Pink sweater 4 ways

Shop hot pink!

Below are some of our favorite hot pink items out there right now, and don’t forget to check out our color of the month boutique here.

Your thoughts

Now, tell us, what are your thoughts on hot pink? Do you love it as much as we do? What’s your favorite way to wear it?

Have a great day!


  1. Cayla says:

    My all-time favorite color!

    1. Mine too, Cayla! Thank you!

  2. Merritt Beck says:

    Loving these fun looks-such cute pink picks!

    1. Hey thanks a bunch, Merritt! Xo

  3. Shery Garcia says:

    Wow, very nice dresses. Pink is also my favourite color. These dresses are looking dashing as you shared the dresses nice way. I have some dresses like these. Last January I bought two sexy pink dresses from BQ Emporium. I just love these dresses.

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