March 22, 2020

36 Safe Ways to Spread Kindness Right Now

Even in the midst of social distancing, we can be kind

Living in Unprecedented Times

Well, we are certainly living in unprecedented times. What seemed impossible and farfetched only a few weeks ago is now our reality. Who could have imagined us being confined to our homes for the foreseeable future? Who could have imagined the drastic measures being taken each and every day as we watch the dire statistics?

Quite suddenly, our lives have changed. Our schools have closed. Our offices have closed. Our restaurants have closed. Our churches have closed. Sporting events have been canceled. Each day, I nervously, sheepishly check the news to see what has happened next. It all can feel so overwhelming and out of our control.

However, even with so much uncertainty and turmoil, there are a few things that are, in fact, still within our control.

Atop that list of what we can control: our actions. 

I propose to you that acts of kindness are needed now more than ever. Will kindness beat the coronavirus? Certainly not. But out of bad, let there emerge some good. Out of darkness, let there emerge some light.

Are you willing to join me in being that light? Are you ready to spread kindness amidst this coronavirus outbreak? With your help, goodness will prevail.

Keep reading for 36 ideas for safely spreading kindness right now…

Where there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.

- Kevin Heath

Ideas for Spreading Kindness

With that quote in mind, here are some ideas for spreading kindness instead of a virus…

(Disclaimer: I’ve endeavored to include only ideas that are safe in these days of social distancing. Obviously, use your discretion to keep everyone safe.)

1 – Arrange a virtual happy hour with a friend

Sometimes you just need a glass of wine and a chat with a girlfriend, right? While circumstances might preclude us from doing so in person, technology offers us the chance to do so virtually.

May I suggest Gary Vaynerchuk’s Empathy Wines? Delivered directly to your door, wine is always a good idea. And who among us doesn’t need more empathy in our lives today?

2 – Ask an elderly neighbor what they need

While many of us routinely have groceries delivered, doing so can be unfamiliar for the elderly. So, whether you pick up groceries for them or simply order online, you can be of help in this practical way. And just keep in touch so that they don’t feel alone during this period of high-risk for them

3 – Bake and share with neighbors

Bread? Cookies?

Whatever your potion, cook an extra batch and share it with neighbors. And I’ll take some too! Ha.

4 – Buy gift cards from small businesses

Sadly, some small companies are on the sidelines right now. They are unable to provide their products or services in line with the current social distancing guidelines. Beyond that, pretty much every small business is hurting these days.

You can help them by buying gift cards now to use at a later date. They get the revenue now, while you get to treat yourself when all this is over.

5 – Celebrate loved ones from afar

Whether you know someone who is having a birthday or someone who just needs a pick me up, don’t be shy about celebrating them from afar! Send balloons, send cookies, send a cake, send flowers, send a gift.

For reference, here are some of my favorite Houston vendors:

Joybox Flowers

Mi Bella Rosa Floral Artistry

That Balloon Girl

Tiff’s Treats

Wink Bakehouse by Erica

An all-in-one idea for Houstonians: my friends at Revelry Goods have teamed up with Becca Cakes and Holy Oak Floral Design to offer a balloons + cake + florals party package delivered to you! Details here.

6 – Create free content that adds value to others

This one may, on the surface, seem to apply to only bloggers and influencers and such. But truly, each of us has a sphere of influence which is amplified right now.

If you’ve developed some best practices for working from home, for instance, maybe email your friends and share those tips with them. Or, if you are a pro at caring for toddlers, maybe share some activity ideas with other moms.

Speaking specifically to bloggers: I challenge you as my cohorts to think less about selling and more about providing value. Given these trying times, how can you help the community you’ve built?

7 – Drop off books for a friend

In a culture often short on time, now we seem to have a lot of time on our hands. Share some favorite books with a friend. Safely leave them on the doorstep. Then you can have a virtual happy hour to discuss the book together!

8 – Express gratitude to all around you

For big things, for little things, at home and elsewhere, now more than ever, let’s express gratitude for all things and in all ways.

Keep a gratitude journal, but don’t miss the opportunity to express your gratitude outwardly as well.

9 – FaceTime with isolated loved ones

Thank goodness for technology these days! More than ever, we find ourselves FaceTiming with family and friends.

Mainly keep in mind any elderly relatives. They are especially vulnerable to this virus, so many of them have remained sequestered in their homes for weeks on end. A FaceTime a day can keep the sadness away!

10 – Fill your local food bank pantry

This one goes without saying, but the food bank is always a good place to give. Remember that, as hard as these days are for you, the chances are that someone is hurting more. Someone out there needs necessities like food and water and such. So, be that helping hand.

11 – Give grace

We are all going to stumble and make some mistakes during these tough times. Respond with grace rather than condemnation and judgment.

12 – Give praise to coworkers

Particularly if a coworker is going above and beyond in these tough times, give her the accolades she deserves. Sing her praises publicly! Tell her boss, tell her manager, tell anyone who will listen. Positive feedback matters even more in these sensitive times.


13 – Help provide meals for kids in need

Research the options available in your community to do this safely. In Houston, we have a great organization called Kids’ Meals, leading the efforts.

14 – Hold the door open (in a safe manner)

Holding the door open is simple old-fashioned good manners. If you see someone struggling in any way, help them. Hold the door (safely), smile at them, and extend compassion.

15 – Leave sanitizing wipes for the mail carrier

A friend suggested this idea: she leaves hand sanitizer and some sanitizing wipes next to her mailbox for the mail person to utilize.

16 – Make get-well cards for those who are ill

Not only is this a good deed, but it can also be a lovely craft idea to do as a family. After you make the cards, you can mail them to local healthcare facilities where those in quarantine.

Another idea along these lines: create cards to cheer up healthcare workers and others on the front line of fighting COVID-19.

17 – Offer complimentary goods and services

Do you have something that you could offer for free? Particularly if your product or service can help those directly affected by this crisis, do it! One beautiful example I’ve seen of this: Kelsey Joy Creative offering complimentary change of plans stationery.

18 – Order food delivery for first responders

It’s nice when corporations take the lead in doing the right thing. And in this instance, we can use Uber as an example. Uber is delivering free meals to healthcare workers and first responders amid coronavirus crisis.

19 – Order takeout from your favorite restaurants

While dining out might be a thing of the past, for now, takeout is still an option. And if your budget allows, continue to support those restaurants by ordering takeout or delivery. That way, those restaurants can stay afloat and be around when this crisis passes.

20 – Perform a musical concert from your front yard

Let’s allow Italy to inspire us in this regard — their singing from the balconies is so beautifully touching. If your child plays a musical instrument, maybe they can do so outdoors for others to possibly enjoy.

21 – Practice patience

Everyone is on edge right now. Take a deep breath. Indeed, patience is a virtue.

22 – Plan a virtual movie watching party

In an effort to provide some normalcy and companionship, reach out to friends for a movie night. Have you heard about the virtual movie night option Netflix is offering now? Netflix Party is a new free Chrome extension that allows you to stream movies together with friends!

23 – Say it with sidewalk chalk

One of my followers offered up this suggestion which I adore… She has been venturing out to their front yard to draw colorful positive messages on the sidewalk with chalk for passersby to see.

How delightful is this idea? When people get outside to take a walk and get some fresh air, they can be greeted by this cute bit of cheer!

24 – Schedule a group chat with some fellow moms

With school being canceled indefinitely, many moms are struggling with this newfound responsibility of parenting and teaching their kids all day every day. A group chat might be just what a mom needs not to feel alone in this endeavor!

Another idea for mom support: download the Social Mama app! It’s free and has a vibrant community of moms to help you through the everyday challenges, as well as these extraordinary challenges.


25 – Send an encouraging message on social media

While this may seem to be a minuscule act of kindness, every bit matters during these tough times! A simple kind comment on a social media post can bring a smile to someone’s face. Or an encouraging direct message can be exactly what someone needs that day. So, don’t forget about the littlest acts of kindness.

26 – Send flowers

Birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, or – better yet – just because flowers! Studies have proven over and over again that flowers have a longterm positive impact on mood, lessening anxiety and agitation. Plus, in the process, you can support a small, local business.

As I mentioned above, Joybox Flowers and Mi Bella Rosa are two of my go-to florists in Houston. I also recommend Heyday Flower Company locally. Elsewhere, I use Dr. Delphinium in Dallas and Farmgirl Flowers nationwide!

27 – Send snail mail

For those of you old enough, do you remember having penpals? How fun was it to receive a letter in the mail

28 – Share inspirational quotes

While positive quotes certainly can’t combat COVID-19, they can help us keep things in perspective and keep us looking forward. So, use your power to encourage those in your sphere of influence.

We have several good collections of quotes here on our site:

27 quotes to inspire a fresh perspective

31 best quotes about luck

33 quotes to live a bold life

45 empowering quotes to live by

29 – Share your skills with someone via video chat

Do you have skills that someone else wants to learn? Now is the time to “pay it forward” and share those skills without any expectation of anything in return.

30 – Smile

There is no better free way to be kind than to share a smile. Make eye contact and smile anytime you pass by another human (within safe distancing of course). A warm smile is the universal expression of kindness.

32 – Tell someone what you love about them

Don’t just say I love you. Tell people what you love about them. Make a list if you’d like. It makes it so much more meaningful when there is specificity surrounded why you love someone.

33 – Tip generously

When you do order takeout or delivery, tip even more generously than usual! Food and hospitality workers are bringing some sense of normalcy to our lives right now – at a risk to themselves. Be appreciative of what they are doing.

34 – Write reviews and recommendations

This is perhaps the simplest way to support small businesses and impacted professionals – plus, it’s free! Write Yelp reviews for your favorite businesses. And considering writing professional recommendations on LinkedIn for professionals whom you know are adversely affected by this virus.

35 – Write thank-you notes

Certainly, you can write thank you notes for gifts and such. Use this time to catch up on notes from the holidays or birthdays.

But take it a step further. Dig deeper. Write thank-you notes sharing how someone has impacted your life. Tell them all the thoughts you’ve held back in the past.

One other idea: use this as a teaching moment for your children! I love using these cards. I love using these fill-in thank-you notes with my daughter.


36 – Pass on stories of kindness

Kindness begets kindness. It’s contagious in a good way!

If you like this message, pass it on! Share this article with your friends and family. Email it to them. Pin the graphic below on Pinterest. Share it on Facebook.

And thank you in advance for doing so. That’s one way you can support me during these tough times.

In Closing

This moment in history can be pivotal – in a good way. How we act as individuals can define us collectively.

Now more than ever, kindness matters. Right now, a little kindness goes a long way. Supporting each other with acts of kindness can keep us all sane during these crazy times!

So, as you go about your new normal, please remember to approach each other with love, patience, compassion, empathy, and above all else kindness.



  1. Erin says:

    Great tips, Carrie! We’ve been doing lots of chalk art outside and sending love notes to family back home. 💕

    1. I just adore that! Such an easy, colorful, family-friendly, kindness-spreading activity!

  2. Sarah says:

    Carrie, these are all great tips to spread kindness. I love them all! I don’t even know where I want to start, because there are so many good ones! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Ah, I love hearing that! hanks, sweet girl. Stay safe.

  3. Thank you for this, Carrie!! Amazing and actionable things we can do during such a crazy time to spread joy and kindness!! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Celeste! Stay safe, friend. And stay kind. 🙂

  4. Lauren says:

    One of my favorite posts to date, Carrie! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words, Lauren!

  5. Hannah McCarthy says:

    Carrie, what a wonderful way to shift the perspective on this crazy time. Thank you for helping me kick off my day on such a positive, uplifting note! Wishing you and your loved ones wellness, safety, and optimism!

    1. Hi Hannah – thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m taking the extra time at home to make a big dent in my LP supplies. 😉

  6. Absolutely adore this!!! My household has definitely taken part in a few of these ideas and so happy to see more to try!!! Thank you for inspiring

    1. Thank you so much for saying that, Nicole! Stay safe. And be kind. 🙂

  7. Maria Munoz says:

    Loving these! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and saying that, Maria!

  8. You’re such an inspiration and leader, Carrie. So happy to be part of your tribe! Be well. Be safe. Be kind. xo

    1. Oh friend – that’s so sweet of you to say. You stay safe too! And I know you’ll be kind. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Jessica.

  9. Penelope says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I’m all in………IMAGINE!!!!!

    1. Ah, thank you so much for saying that. Take care.

    1. thanks so much for sharing!

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