January 28, 2019

How to Create a Valentine's Day Bar Cart in Six Fun Steps

Balloons and hearts and champagne, oh my!

How to Create a Valentine’s Day Bar Cart in Six Fun Steps

The calendar may still say January, but we are already gearing up for Valentine’s Day!

Now, we know this holiday gets mixed reviews. In fact, some of our team members have a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand, it’s a day to remind those you love how much you love them in the way of cute cards and candy, and what’s so bad about love? Nothing! Love is grand. Then on the other hand, the holiday can be seen as cheesy, and it can be especially hard for those who are single or unable to share it with a partner.

So, which camp do you fall into?

Regardless where you stand on the national day of love, we simply love a reason to celebrate, so we’ll take any chance we can!

Last year we celebrated with a perfectly pink succulent Valentine’s Day, and this year we decided to deck out the bar cart. You know we love a themed bar cart.

So, keep on reading for how to create your own Valentine’s Day bar cart, in just six simple steps.

6 Steps to a Valentine’s Day Bar Cart


1. Select a theme

Yes, Valentine’s Day is our inspiration, but we wanted to make it a little more personal so we came up with the theme you color my world! We then added it to the custom balloons from Big Ass Balloons and they personalized some Anagram Balloons, as well. These balloons will have us feeling the love all month long. 


2. Love is in the air

We added touches of hearts everywhere from the heart coasters, with calligraphy by Kristara, to the neon lights to the balloons and other accessories. When it comes to a theme or holiday, “extra” is the name of the game. More hearts, please!


3. Seasonal glassware

Update your glassware to match the holiday or season. We’re decorating for Valentine’s Day so we opted for red old fashioned glasses, but any pink or red type of glass would be perfect.


4. Creme de la stems

Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? We wanted to do something special for Valentine’s so we created a candy heart arrangement with Valentine’s roses in our color for February (hint hint)! See our tutorial on Lucky Charm flower arrangements here.


5. You never know when a party will break out

Always have champagne on hand. Always. You never know when friends might pop over or when you simply want to celebrate for no reason at all. Always have the bubbly. Elle is not drinking the champagne – she’s just eating the cupcakes and dancing.


6. Think (and drink and eat) pink

As we said, when we go with a theme, we go hard. We created a special pink drink for Valentine’s Day. See recipe below! And it’s always important to have delicious sweets and treats on your bar cart, so we opted for personalized macarons (calligraphy by Kristara) and delicious cupcakes.

Valentine's Pink Drink


In Martini shaker: 

Fill shaker with ice

Pour 2 oz Vodka

Fill shaker with Sparkling Ice Grapefruit

Shake well

Pour into a glass of your choice  – we used highballs from Crate and Barrel

Top with prosecco

Garnish with a piece of cotton candy and cute paper straw

+ print recipe


  • Vodka
  • Sparkling Ice grapefruit (or any sparkling grapefruit drink of your choice)
  • Prosecco
  • Cotton candy for garnish

A few more things

1. Are you a big Valentine’s Day person or not at all? Let us know your thoughts on the holiday in the comments below.

2. If you re create this bar cart, please tag us so we can see and re share it!

3. Later this week we’ll be bringing you a DIY Valentine’s dessert board that you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned!


  1. Holly says:

    Any chance to celebrate my people is a holiday I will always get behind! Love this sweet bar cart and the love you feel between you and sweet lil’ Elle!

    1. Well put, Holly! You’re awesome. I’m going to quote you on that. 🙂

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