May 22, 2018

How to Create a Lovely Ladies Luncheon in 5 Simple Steps

A girly get together perfect for summertime.

Lovely Ladies Luncheon

So often on this crazy ride called life we can find ourselves simply going through the motions. Wake up, work, lunch while working, work, workout, sleep, repeat (or some variation of that). But here at, we fully believe in celebrating the little moments, the everyday moments. And we also believe in making a simple ladies lunch much more special than your average lunch. Because, really, why not?

How to Create a Lovely Ladies Luncheon in 5 Simple Steps

1. Pick a Palette

A color palette, that is! Given the time of year, with spring winding down and summer soon to be heating up, we went with a pastel color palette. The soft, feminine hues complemented the bright space perfectly. And our star of the show was certainly our large pastel bouquet comprised of flowers from our local grocery store (inexpensive and easy)!

Helpful hint : It’s always best to keep luncheon centerpiece arrangements low so that people can make eye contact across the table to freely converse. 

2. Find a Fun Favor

Now, a favor isn’t absolutely necessary for a ladies luncheon, but we do think it’s such a special added touch to give out to your guests. And if you can have them personalized that’s even better! These TDE pouches are our current favorite gift to give. You can choose from a variety of colors and personalization options. How fun, right?

Bonus tip : The personalized favors can double as place cards! 

3. Bring on the Bubbly

No celebration (whether big or small) is complete without some bubbly. I’m sure we’re all in agreement on that 😉 Pop the bubbly! And you could also create a mimosa bar with all the colorful fixings.

4. Choose your China

Ok ok we don’t mean you actually have to serve your food on fine china (though, by all means, feel free to if you have it!), but there are so many great and affordable options out there for “fine looking china.” Find something dainty, elegant, feminine, and in the colors of your selected palette!

5. Select Simple Snacks

You can keep the food very simple! In fact, your local grocery store likely offers affordable platters, which you can jazz up. A nice menu could include a salad, a sandwich or wrap of sorts, and a dessert. No need to fuss too much. Simple works just as well!

A Couple More Things

1. Hope you’re having a great start to the week! Who else is ready for the long weekend ahead?

2. Be sure to check out yesterday’s article on tips for dressing in the workplace and the business appropriate look that goes alongside it.

3. See you back here tomorrow!

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