March 21, 2017

Your Guide to The Best Colorful Walls in Dallas

Some of the best, most vibrant colorful walls in Dallas.

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A Guide to the Most Colorful Walls in Dallas

You know we love our colorful walls here at And today we’re bringing you the next guide in our ever so popular Wall Guide series. Most recently, we updated our Houston guide, and we’re sure you’ve seen our NYC guide (featuring Soho, Nolita, and Chinatown). And now we’ve decided to dive into the Dallas mural scene.

For now, we’re calling this a mini mural guide because we’re giving you the scoop on just some of the best. We recently made a trip to Dallas and covered all the ground we could! In fact, we have details on ten walls for you today.

But we are super inspired by the city and will be making a return trip soon to bring you more mural details. As we did with Houston, we will add more to this guide in time, but for now, we couldn’t resist sharing with you the ones we have fallen in love with, thus far.

As always, you’ll be able to find information about the walls, a Google map with where exactly they are, addresses, and photos for each below, so please enjoy and we hope you find this guide helpful!

Wall 1 : Colorful Diamonds Mural by Thornton Jeff @imthornton13

Address : 1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas TX 75206

Tips: Early morning and late afternoon light work great. While you are there, stop for a coffee at Houndstooth Coffee, just a few steps away, and step across the street for another great mural (see mural #2 below)!

See more of this mural here.

Wall 2 : Graphic Striped and Flower Wall by Mr. Kiji @mrkiji

Address : 1901 N Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 – on the side of the Bonobos store

Tips: Early morning light would be preferable, but late afternoon light can be worked with full shade on most of the wall. Beware that you might be dealing with a car parked in front of the mural, as we were, but you can still make it work with angles.

See more of this mural here.

Wall 3 : Graphic Colorful Pentagons/Diamonds Wall by Ricardo Paniagua @therealartgod

Address : 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX, 75204  (parking lot behind LOFT)

Tips: While you are there you can get some shopping done or grab some lunch at the West Village shopping center. Also, the mural is in a covered parking area / parking garage with indirect light, so pretty much any time of day would work for this amazing mural.

Don’t miss this one! It’s a new personal favorite of Carrie’s!

See more of this mural here in her pregnancy announcement photos.

Read more about this amazing, graphic, colorful wall here.

Wall 4 : Graphic Colorful Squares Wall by @huy_see

Address : 2810 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

Tips: Mural is in the Deep Ellum area in Dallas, so make sure to take some time to explore by foot, as many great, fun murals are in this area!

It’s just a few steps away from one of our favorite restaurants in the area, STIRR, which has great food and an amazing rooftop area for lovely views of dowtown Dallas.

See more of this mural here.

Wall 5 : Fine Pies for Fine Folk (flower mural at Emporium Pies) by @dana_tanamachi

Address : 2708 Main St #110. Dallas, TX 75226

Tips: Don’t just go there for the wonderful mural! The pies at this loveliest of pie shops are to die for! Take a break and have a glass of their iced tea and a slice of pie. In fact, we tried three flavors, and they were all amazing.

See more of this mural here.

Wall 6 : American Flag Mural by @the_dancingmarlin

Address : 2730 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Tips. Just around the corner and across the street you will find a couple more gems of murals. This is such a great area to explore by foot while you are mural hunting, with plenty of local bars and restaurants in the area.

Note that there is street parking right in front of this mural, so it might be hard to get a full, straight on shot. But you’ll still be able to get some good photos!

See more of this mural here.

Wall 7 : Think Ellum Mural

Address : 2826 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Note that this mural and many of these are in the Deep Ellum area in Dallas. Make sure to take some time to explore by foot, as many great, fun murals are in this area. It’s just a few steps away from one of our favorite restaurants in the area, Stirr, which has great food and an amazing rooftop area for lovely views of downtown Dallas!

Wall 8 : Roses Mural by Leighton Autrey @leightonautrey

Address : 2802 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Tips: Go here early in the morning for the best light. It’s right in front of our favorite restaurant Stirr, and only a few steps away from our favorite pie shop Emporium Pies. No excuse not to eat a good early lunch or a dessert!

This mural is an interesting one, as it used to be clean with just the roses. Over time, graffiti has been added, giving it an edgy, urban look.

Wall 9 : We Love Oak Lawn Breakfast Mural (at Start Real Food Fast)

Address : 4023 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Tips: The mural is located in the drive thru of a restaurant, which might make pictures a bit tricky. However, drive thru does not always seem too busy. Make sure you come with your photographer and an additional friend to supervise traffic and keep you all safe.

We just happened to stumble upon this super cute mural and had to include it!

Wall 10 : Abstract Sunset Wall

Address : 2606 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Tips: We shot here right around 5 pm, and the sun was pretty harsh. However, the sun and light and shadows actually worked pretty well with this mural that looks like an abstract sunset to us!

This mural is large-scale and definitely worth seeing!

See more of this mural here.


In Closing

So, have you been to any of these fabulous walls? Let us know of the other Dallas murals you love. As we mentioned above, we’ll certainly be adding more to this guide in the coming months, so definitely keep checking back. Have a wonderful rest of your day!



All photos and wall information by Maritere Rice

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