Ideas For a Fun and Colorful Grown Up Easter Basket

Written by Ashley Cardoza

Happy spring!

Can you believe Easter is almost here? Since I was a little girl my dad always went all out for our Easter baskets. I’ve tried to convince my husband to get me one. How many of you grew up getting a gift basket dropped off by the Easter bunny? I still think my favorite little gifts on Easter were a doll, a skip-it, and, of course, all the candy!

So, this year, we thought it’d be fun to daydream about what we’d put in our hypothetical grown up Easter basket! Heck – who knows… I may make one for myself as I’m making Easter baskets for my girls!

A Grown Up Easter Basket

What’s Inside

If I could convince my husband to make me an Easter basket, these items would be on my wish-list!

  1. This bag: I have no real want for another wicker basket; how cute would a new bag be?
  2. A book: I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. When I saw the author came out with a practical guide, I added it to my wishlist. This is the perfect gift for the busy woman. This unique, interactive book gives clear guidance on how to begin a practice that will change her life.
  3. Chocolate: Who doesn’t love fancy chocolate?!
  4. Sunglasses: I’m usually a simple black aviator girl, but these pink ones have me swooning.
  5. Nail Polish: This set had me at “Pantone.”
  6. Lip Balm: I don’t collect many health products, but I love to stock up on all things lip balm!
  7. Flip Flops: I really could use a refresh on last summer’s flip flops!
  8. Indian Healing Clay: I don’t gush about many face masks, but this one has already changed my life. I really love that this mask deep cleans my face. I’ve even seen my face even in tone from use! This one you just mix with a little apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of tea tree oil and mix up and apply.
  9. My favorite pens: I always need more colorful pens in my life.
  10. Bath Salt: After all the Easter weekend events we’ll have, I’ll definitely need a calming relaxing bath.

In Closing

What are on some of your Easter basket wish-lists? I love Easter candy and I am super guilty of stocking up at Target the day after for some discount candy. I always feel like the lone friend who loves black jelly beans and Cadbury Creme eggs. What are your favorite Easter candies? We would love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Mara says:

    What a great idea lovely, I love doing Easter baskets too and can’t wait to do one this year with the little guy!!

    1. Carrie says:

      Oh that will be so fun! Enjoy, Mara. Xo

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