October 23, 2017

The First Big Colorful Announcement of Many!

We have a color wall!

Letter from the Editor

Happy Monday, friends! Where to even begin? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple things (1) I shared some fun news on Wednesday, and then (2) I went quiet for a few days.

Regarding number two, that’s because we have been working feverishly! Indeed, it’s been crazy around here – in the best possible way. As I’ve alluded to recently, we have some major changes coming around here very soon. And that means there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on. Speaking of, major thanks to Julie, Ashley, Mari, and our new intern Alex. All of our Houston-based team members have been working non-stop to make things happen. In fact, we crossed three huge things off our list last week! Go team go.

We still can’t share two of those three items, but we can share one…

Our First #MoreColorPlease Wall!

Drum roll please…

We have created our first colorful wall!

Indeed, that’s the first of our major colorful announcements! I’m not sure even where to begin, so let’s address this Q&A style.

Is the wall already finished?!

Yep! We don’t mess around. We like to make stuff happen. 😉

Where is the wall?

The wall is at FM Kitchen & Bar, located in the heart of Houston (1112 Shepherd Drive). FM actually only opened back in May, but it quickly became a favorite place of ours. You can find Julie and I working there more often than not, especially now!

FM Kitchen has an incredibly large outdoor patio with a bar, tons of tables and seating, games, and now, our wall! It’s dog friendly, family friendly, and has delicious food and drinks. In fact, you might remember reading about them in our Houston Burger Guide here and we did a shoot there a little while back here.

Who painted the wall?

We commissioned Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau, who is one of the most well known mural artists in the city (you’ve seen him mentioned many times in our Houston Mural Guide)! In fact, he painted the ever so popular Biscuit paint wall, among many others. And, most recently, he opened a temporary gallery location in River Oaks Shopping Center, which is full of his beautiful art. He’s truly such a talent and we’re honored to be able to work with him!

And guess what? He painted the whole wall in one day! Seriously. Like I said, we like to get stuff done 😉 And not only did he paint a wall, he also painted the sandbox you see in the pictures, as well as a table (which is perfect for drink selfies!). This past Wednesday we set up shop at FM, and got to watch the entire process. It was surreal and so much fun.

What inspired the wall?

Without oversharing, we will say that we provided Mr. D with a color palette and then let him run with that to create abstract art. We gave a few inspiration shots to him, but really, he ran with it, knowing our colorful and modern brand, and he made it happen. We didn’t really know specifically what the end product was going to look like! It was fun to see it evolve and develop more throughout the day. And it came out better than we could have ever imagined. We absolutely love it.

We will definitely share more on the process and share in-progress pics very soon.

Should we share pics of the wall? If so, how do I tag it on social media?


Tag @carriec on IG and use the #morecolorplease hashtag.

We will be sharing our favorites!

Go check out FM Kitchen, enjoy a burger and milkshake (or one of their amazing watermelon mules) on the patio, watch some sports, play some games, and have a great time!

Outfit Details

Let’s talk about Elle’s outfit first, because really she and that outfit steal the show. Am I right?

I am beyond grateful to have the most kind-hearted, thoughtful, and creative friends. This outfit is the perfect example of that… Two friends whom I have been friends with for 15+ years combined to make this to-die-for outfit for Elle happen. Back in the day when I was into scrapbooking (professionally), I got to know Jennifer McGuire. Jen is seriously one of the most thoughtful human beings I’ve ever known. In addition, she’s also one of the most talented crafters. Well, Jen commissioned our mutual friend (and contributor here!) Amy Tan to create this custom onesie for Elle. Can you even handle the cuteness?! I can’t. Major thanks, Jen. So very sweet.

I’m wearing this fun Rebecca Taylor dress. The dress is both fitted and flowy, and I love the floral print. And the shoes are even more fun. You might remember seeing them worn with another floral dress here. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them plenty throughout the season. And, as always, you can shop all components of my outfit below.

In Closing

So, as you can see, it’s been quite busy over here! We’ve been working nonstop, and we’re so very excited to share everything with you in the next few weeks! Until then, keep following along, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow morning.


Photos by Maritere Rice; Shot on location at FM Kitchen & Bar

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