May 15, 2018

Designer Spotlight : Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited

One of our very favorite brands!


Hi friends – Did you know that it’s Australia Fashion Week? There are so many strong designer labels emerging and growing and thriving in Australia right now. Australian fashion is having a moment in the spotlight. And no Aussie accessory designer is hotter than Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited!

Now, I am thrilled to bring you this special interview with Alyce for several reasons… First, her products are impeccable! In my estimation, she offers the best personalized leather goods on the the market at an attainable price point. Her products are a great value with chic design and on-trend shapes and colors. Second, she is a savvy business woman. After launching just four years ago, she has grown The Daily Edited into a global brand that’s continually growing and expanding.

Also, I feel a bit of personal pride and connection in bringing you today’s interview. You see, Alyce and I connected on Instagram way back in the early days, when both of us had much smaller Instagram followings. Hers today has grown to almost a quarter of a million followers! Besides that, we connected over our shared corporate background. Alyce formerly practiced law before following her passion to start The Daily Edited.

Anyway, as you can sense, I’m a huge fan – and have been for years. So, without further delay, let’s get to the interview and a little shopping with Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited…

Q&A with Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited

What inspired you to start The Daily Edited?

The Daily Edited (“TDE”) actually started as a blog by Tania Liu and me as a passion project we had whilst working as lawyers. We actually launched a clothing line first that didn’t quite work out, and then in 2014 I was promoted (as a lawyer) and I was looking for some new accessories to take with me to meetings etc so I could really look the part.  I searched across quite a few brands, but couldn’t find anything that I could (a) afford or (b) personalize so I spoke to Tania about it and we came up with three styles in three different color ways, which formed part of our first collection.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer? If not, when did you decide this is what you were meant to do?

I always aspired to work in fashion in some way, I became an attorney as I felt a bit of pressure to “do the right thing” with my career, but I always have and continue to love retail and fashion.

Furthermore, did you always know you wanted to run your own business?

I didn’t know this! We never had aspirations for TDE to be a global business. Tania and I were kind of creating products and running TDE for the love of it, but now that I’m doing it, it is the best job I’ve ever had.

How would you describe The Daily Edited product line?

Our line is non-seasonal, chic and minimal. We have a set of five core colors that work well no matter what season you are in – black, ink navy, burgundy, pale pink and a soft shade of white (stone), practical shapes and small accessories to suit every aspect of your lifestyle.

How would you describe The Daily Edited customer?

She’s everyone’s best friend. She’s into treating herself, quality, and having a bit of fun with personalization.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

Probably our asymmetric clutch. I like how much fits inside it and it goes with basically all outfits, whether that be evening or with a pair of jeans.

(Side note from Carrie: I actually use this asymmetric clutch as my everyday wallet. When I don’t want to lug around my whole bag, I just take this clutch with me – big enough to act as a wallet, plus hold a few extra things.)

What is your current favorite piece in the collection?

I am very into our shadow text personalization option at the moment – any piece with this one is a vibe!

As you know, we’re long-time followers of your brand. We’ve basically been following from the beginning! You have such a beautifully curated Instagram feed. How did you grow your engaged following so quickly?

I don’t think we have a massive following – I feel you get to say this when you hit 1 million followers! I actually create all of our Instagram content and I think it’s the organic feel of the brand and the consistent imagery that gets people liking and following!

How have you leveraged your social media presence to build your business?

It has allowed us to continue to promote the brand and reach our fans without having to spend major marketing dollars. I am super grateful for the platform!

We know that, along with your own site, you also have retail locations and have done pop ups – how did they come about?

We actually have 9 or so permanent stores across Australia, in Singapore and in New York.  Our stores and various pop ups have always come about due to customer demand, people wanting to see our product in real life writing in and requesting!

We’re so impressed by how you’ve turned the shopping experience into something interactive and unique (such as what you did surrounding Coachella, for example). Please tell us about that.

Every time we activate the brand in a physical sense I like to do things that we haven’t done before (that would be boring for me right!?) and present the product in different ways. My favourite activation for example was our champagne bar created in collaboration with Veuve Cliquot where we created a bar where customers could shop our product and sip rosé at the same time!

How would you describe your personal style?

I am pretty minimalistic myself, but I am loving colour at the moment. My general look is tapered trousers and a Celine shirt and Manolo slip ons OR a coloured/patterned skirt and top.

What’s in store for The Daily Edited? Anything you can share?

Lots of new products (obviously) and a summer of fun activations across America!

Our Current Favorite Pieces from The Daily Edited

It’s hard to narrow down my favorites, as I literally use The Daily Edited pieces every single day. But my current three favorites would be these:

1 – Personalized phone case: These are the best phone cases ever! Run, don’t walk, to buy one. Customize and personalize to your heart’s content! I recommend the shadow text or the brush lettering.

2 – The Asymmetric clutch: As mentioned above, I use it as a carry-all wallet of sorts.

3 – The pouches: It may seem basic, but it’s anything but. The customization options are endless. And it’s such a versatile piece.

Bonus: There’s a kid line! And it might just be the cutest thing ever.

Really, you can’t go wrong with TDE products. Not only do I love my TDE products, but I get compliments on them every single time. Treat yourself, or buy something as a gift.

A Couple More Things

1. Thank you so very much, Alyce, for taking the time to share your insights with our readers!

2. Now, we’re dying to hear what you’re eyeing from above – let us know in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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