April 19, 2018

The 23 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Warning: You'll get a major case of wanderlust when you start following these inspirational travel Instagram accounts.

More Travel Instagrams, Please!

For a long while now, I’ve been an avid traveler. Not even two years ago I flew over 175,000 miles! There’s nothing quite like exploring new places and learning about different cultures – and in the process, learning about myself. In fact, the more I travel the more I want to travel. Do you know that feeling?

Of course, last year, with a new baby, I didn’t quite travel as much, given my rough pregnancy and my sweet baby girl coming a month early. But now I’m ready to go again! I’m thrilled to be picking up the travel pace again. Most recently, we went to Florida, next week I’ll be heading out another colorful adventure, and I look forward to a summer filled with travel!

With all that in mind, it will come as no surprise that I also love to follow travel Instagram accounts. In fact, the whole team follows some incredible travel accounts. So, keep on reading for the 23 best travel Instagram accounts that you’ll want to follow immediately!

The 23 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

@ananewyork – I really can’t say enough about Ana’s account. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say she’s the best most underrated accounts I follow. But that is quickly changing! Her following is growing day by day as she creates beautifully composed travel images that tend to get shared by other large Instagram accounts. In addition, you might recall she made our list of best colorful Instagram accounts as well. – Carrie

@beautifuldestinations – This is one of those accounts that shares the photos of other people. And we aren’t mad about it at all! One shot is better than the last with this account. The photography is beautiful. It makes me want to get on an airplane immediately – and I hate to fly, so that’s saying a lot! – Julie

@bellabuchiotti – You might remember Bella from when she was a food contributor here! Now she’s all grown up and doing her own thing — traveling the world and capturing amazing images and video everywhere she goes! – Carrie / I just love her. The places she travels are always bucket list pacific northwest spots. – Ashley

@bontraveler – Jessica’s travel photos have such a warm, inviting nature. She chronicles incredible destinations around the world so beautifully. – Alex

@dametraveler – This is an account I have followed since the day it started! It’s been fun to watch it grow into something so big over time. – Carrie / An account dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to travel more by sharing the photos of traveling women. I love it! – Alex

@howfarfromhome – Great travel pics from a couple of great creatives! – Mari

@itsbigben – He makes all my Pacific Northwest and forest dreams come true. I just love all his photos and how he captures so many freaking awesome places. – Ashley

@leeabbamonte – Don’t miss this one! At age 32 in 2011, Lee achieved his goal of visiting every country in the world (including the two poles), making him the youngest American to ever do so. A true global citizen, Lee is regarded as one of the most well-traveled humans ever. – Carrie

@lesleyannemurphy – Ok, in being totally transparent, I originally knew of Lesley because of The Bachelor, but now I follow her because of her travels! She travels full time (yes, really!) and she’s always doing something exciting and cool. – Julie

@marinacomes – Beautiful European adventurer. Love following Marina’s travels across the globe! – Mari

@ohhcouture – Great travel, lovely images and fashion.

@parisinfourmonths – Carin moved to Paris to follow her dream (#goals!), and it’s been so much fun to follow along with her stunning photos. Her life looks like a fairytale! – Julie

@passionpassport – One of the best travel reference accounts! Always beautiful destinations featured, plus they usually have very compelling stories to go along with the photos. – Mari

@projectinspo – Carrie first turned me on to Jinna’s account. What an amazing story she has! You can read more about it here. Now, she’s living the life of her dreams and capturing absolutely beautiful photographs of it! – Julie

@stephbetravel – Steph aims to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, both literally and figuratively, and to turn your dreams in to reality. Check her out! – Carrie

@taramilktea – One of my fave colorful travel accounts! You’ll be blown away by the images this Aussie traveler shares. – Mari

@thebucketlistfamily – This is another account I’ve been following since its early days – and now the account has one million followers! Nevertheless, you’ll soon feel like you personally know this family. The family sold everything to travel the globe! And they do so with their children. They just recently had their third child. What an adventure! – Carrie

@thecolorsofsam – Color and travel? Sign me up! Samantha is a Texas gal currently living in London. Her photos have such fun colorful edits. – Carrie

@travel_inhershoes – The most beautiful shots in dreamy places! You’ll definitely want to embrace the gypset lifestyle when you follow this account! – Alex

@travelandleisure – Visual inspiration! The best travel account out there. If you only follow one travel account I recommend it being this one. – Alex

@traveljunkiediary – Michelle and I became Instagram friends years ago. She has such a sweet spirit about her, and she brings that beautiful bent to documenting her travels. – Carrie / She goes to such incredible places, and she gives back through her organization, Travel for a Purpose. She calls herself “a philanthropist with a camera”. I like that! – Julie

@travelwritedraw – Meagan and I also connected online years ago. Plus, we have had the chance to meet in person and work together. As her account name infers, not only does Meagan travel, but she illustrates her experiences in the most beautifully vibrant way! You’ll be blown away by her art. – Carrie

@wanderlust.crew – I always love a good family travel account and this one does not disappoint. Always great tips and advice for traveling with kiddos and on budget! – Ashley

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