March 06, 2019

24 of Our All Time Favorite Pink Walls

Best pink walls across America

Our Favorite Pink Walls

By now you certainly know about our mural guides – our tour across America of the best walls. These vibrant walls are bringing people together and we love that you enjoy these walls as much as we do. Our mural guides are some of the most popular pages on our site. We’ve featured walls in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, New York City, and San Antonio…with plans to do more in the future!

Now, we know hot pink was our color for the month of February and we haven’t yet announced our March color, but we’re really still riding this pink wave! After all, it is our favorite color so it only makes sense we’re still talking about all the pink things. And who doesn’t love pink?

And we couldn’t finish up “pink month” without featuring our all time favorite pink walls all over the country. We’re constantly getting asked where to find a pink wall!

Some of these walls are, unfortunately, no longer there or they’ve been painted over, but we thought it would be fun to showcase the best of the best!

As well, some of these featured walls come from our friend Jennifer Lake’s wall guides, which she calls Wall Charades, so be sure to check all of her guides out, as well.

Now keep on scrolling for the best pink walls!

Austin Pink Walls

1. Flying Scissors at The Cloth Pocket by Jana Swec Art

2. Pink wall at Grizzelda’s

3. Poodles pink mural

See more details and Austin murals here.

Chicago Pink Walls

4. Pink garage door with white numbers and arrow

5. Heart emoji wall

6. Pink paint drip wall (unfortunately, this wall has been painted over)

See more details and Chicago murals in Jenn’s guide here.

Denver Pink Walls

7. Mountains, momma bear and Colorado landscape mural by So-Gnar Creative Division

8. Pastel road

See more details and Denver murals here.

Houston Pink Walls

9. Hearts mural by John Whaley (unfortunately, this wall is no longer there)

10. El Ajolote by Cecilia Beaven (unfortunately, this wall is no longer there)

11. Blush Ombre Wall at Lovely Bride Houston (it no longer has the ombre effect, but is solid salmon colored)

12. Pink ombré stripes wall (this wall has been updated – see below)

13. Pink Door at Planet Curls (of course, this is not a wall, but we love it and had to include it)

14. I am LOVE mural by Ruben Rojas

15. Florence and the Machine Wall by Sebastien “Mr. D 1987” Boileau (update to the ombré stripes wall above)

16. Wall by Shelbi Nicole

17. Rebuilding After Harvey Wall by Emily Ding

See more details and Houston murals here.

Los Angeles Pink Walls

18. Pearl’s Finest Teas wall

19. Alfred Tea wall

20. Paul Smith pink wall

See more details and Los Angeles murals here and in Jenn’s guide here.

Minneapolis Pink Walls

21. Take a Picture Vintage Car Mural

22. Colors, Music, and Flowers Mural

See more details and Minneapolis murals here.

San Antonio Pink Walls

23. Pink Crying Rainbows Mural by Jon Leonardo

24. Rad 80s Mural by Joe Geis

See more details and San Antonio murals here.

Your favorites

Now tell us – which are your favorite pink walls? We’d love to hear.

Have a great day!

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