October 04, 2017

Because We Could All Use More Rainbows

All the colors.

Rainbow Sweater

Written by Julie Weinstein

When it comes to stylish comfort, a sweater and jeans is the name of the game. And especially when it’s as gorgeous a sweater as this one! Don’t you just love it?

Carrie paired this Wildfox rainbow sweater with her current favorite jeans, simple black pumps, and colorful accessories, which complement the sweater perfectly. So much color, but never enough, right?

This is an ideal look for a fall day, and Carrie will certainly be living in this cozy, colorful piece all season long.

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

- Maya Angelou 

A Couple More Things

As always, you can shop all the items in Carrie’s look below. We’ll see you back here this afternoon, and make sure you saw our trend article yesterday afternoon! Have a great day.


Photos by Maritere Rice; Wall details coming soon to our Austin Mural Guide

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