April 22, 2020

All the Best Colorful Leggings to Wear Right Now

Why be boring? Jazz up your work from home wardrobe with these colorful leggings!

The New Normal : Stay Home & Work From Home

Well, friends, this new normal seems to be extending indefinitely… Who knows when we will get back to “normal”? Even when we do get back to “normal”, many are speculating that “normal” will look very different than it did before. Working from home might become much more common than ever before. The idea of going to work in an office building every day for eight or so hours might be a thing of the past.

You know that we believe in the power of color around here! Color truly has the power to affect our moods, our energy, our thoughts, and our general outlook. So, why not ditch the black and gray leggings? Let’s replace those boring drab leggings with a dose of happiness on your legs!

Whether you’re needing to update your work from home uniform or whether you just need some comfy stay at home options, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple leggings, we’ve got you covered.

Join us in brightening up these strange days with a comfy cozy dose of color!

Keep scrolling for all of our favorite leggings in every shade of the rainbow…

The Best Colorful Leggings

As you can see with the collage above, I have truly searched the internet in an exhaustive manner to find the very best colorful leggings! I considered the color and pattern of course. But I also examined the material, the price, the fit, the feel, the reviews, and much more. If I haven’t personally tried a particular brand or style, I relied heavily on consumer reviews. But many of these I wear myself! I’ll point out some of my favorites as we go along…

Now, what better way to discuss our favorite colorful leggings than doing so in rainbow order?

The Best Red Leggings

If you are feeling super feisty, you can opt to get ready in red! Red is definitely a bold color but paired with a neutral tee, these leggings can be fun to make a statement.

My favorite pair from this assortment of red leggings: the Outdoor Voices TechSweat leggings in 7/8 length. I have long worn this style of leggings (as evidenced here). These leggings have a compression component that hugs everything in and keeps the leggings in place without being constricting or restrictive.

The Best Pink Leggings

Pretty in pink applies even to workout leggings! There’s nothing more feminine and cheerful.

Recently, while trying to brighten up my personal assortment of leggings, I purchased these in the pink taupe color. The Lululemon align legging has long been a favorite of mine for yoga or for lounging. These leggings are buttery soft! Plus, I really like the high waistband. You’ll flow through your day effortlessly with these lightweight leggings.

The Best Orange & Yellow Leggings

Clearly, wearing orange or yellow leggings can be a tricky proposition. In fact, there aren’t even that many options. Please know that I was discerning in picking some for this roundup. I’d never lead you astray and recommend something not up to our exacting fashion standards. 😉

If you are into these citrus hues, I’d suggest you opt for the Outdoor Voices leggings I described above in this sunny hue or try these tangerine tights. These Gap high rise capri leggings are a great affordable option – especially on sale!

The Best Green Leggings

Conversely to orange and yellow, green leggings are available in abundance! I had a hard time narrowing the options for you. But I did manage to high grade them to include some of my very favorite!

When it comes to green leggings, a fun variation is the camo print. My favorites include this camo print legging with a side of rainbow and this olive green camo print legging.

Besides that, I’m also a big fan of the Tory Sport chevron leggings. The style is smooth, lightweight, and breathable. In terms of green offerings, I love this pair of conifer green chevron leggings and these floral print chevron leggings. Embracing a print ups the happiness quotient exponentially!

The Best Blue Leggings

Like green, blue is a very popular color when it comes to legging offerings. I’ve selected the best of the best for you to peruse.

Continuing in the spirit of colorful printed leggings, the Tory Sport chevron legging also comes in this blue floral print that is super happy. I also can’t get enough of these Beyond Yoga high waisted leggings in a soft blue floral print with pink and green. These blue tie-dye leggings are also really fun!

If you’re more into solids, you must check out these Zella Studio high waist leggings with a pocket! That’s right – leggings with a pocket. The reviews aren’t wrong — these are incredibly soft, fit great, and come with a reasonable price point.

The Best Purple Leggings

While purple isn’t my favorite color, even I couldn’t resist trying these leggings. In the perfectly pleasant purple, the Girlfriend Collective high waist 7/8 leggings are getting rave reviews! Even if you aren’t considering purple, check out this brand and style as they are quickly developing a loyal following. This style is available in a full rainbow of colors!

A Rainbow of Leggings

Finally, you can shop the entire rainbow of leggings here below.

In Closing

There you have it: all the best colorful leggings! Which ones are your favorite? I hope that, if possible, you will take this chance to indulge yourself. A small bit of colorful retail therapy might be just what the theoretical doctor ordered. 😉

Have a good day, my friends!

More color, please!


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